How to Plan a Quick and Inexpensive Foyer Makeover – Spring One Room Challenge Week 1

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on April 9, 2017

I’m super excited to let you in on my next big project. I’m doing an inexpensive foyer makeover for the One Room Challenge in six (actually five) short weeks (gasp)! 

Me and 200+ other bloggers will be making over one room, from top to bottom, in just six weeks. Although it isn’t a contest, it is a challenge – The One Room Challenge to be exact! How fun is that!?   My third One Room Challenge, this one is a little different than the others. I’m doing this one sponsor free – I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to go for it this time around – which means my budget is a bigger concern. Get ready for several budget friendly tutorials  – crafts, DIY furniture builds and decorating… I can’t wait to show you what I’ve come up with!

The room I’ll be making over is my foyer. I often find one of the hardest things about making over a room is knowing where to start and then actually starting! If you’re the same, here are some things that I do to get my butt in gear and make it happen.


My first step in figuring out what needs to work on is always to determine why I want to make a change. In the case of my foyer, the main reasons for the change are:

  • It seems incomplete
  • It doesn’t compliment and flow into the partner rooms
  • It’s not cohesive in design
  • It has carpeted stairs – I hate carpet on the stairs!

This room is flanked by four – yes, four – other rooms,  all that have received more of our love and attention.

The office and living room are both ongoing projects that are slowing evolving to the look and feel we’re striving for. The powder room was updated recently, and the Dining room/playroom was my first One Room Challenge. Every room has elements of my favorite decorating style – a mostly neutral palette with a mostly traditional vibe, but with a side of the eclectic and whimsy. Don’t forget the mandatory splashes of bold color and pattern! This is sadly lacking in the foyer so, the hope is that our changes will finish off some of the work that we’ve started here in the past and ensure that the first impression our guests have our home is pleasant and cohesive.


What do you want to change? We’re talking blue sky here – in your wildest dreams, if there were no obstacles and anything was possible, what would you wish your space to look like? Keep in mind the style of your home but don’t let that limit your choices. Create a mood board – I use Olioboard, which is free, to store all of the things that I love or wish I could have. Then, I take those ideas and modify them to fit my budget.

That’s what I’ve been doing, and I’ve found some excellent sources from other bloggers and decorating sites!

A Beautiful Mess

Oceanic Pendant Light // Anthropologie

Design by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau

First River Station Antique Gold Glass Pendant // Bellacor

Brittany Makes

Brewster Wallcovering



Belodemas Architects



Take stock of what you like or don’t like in your room. Sometimes, just moving furniture around can yield tremendous results. None of the rooms in my home are mammoth. Therefore, placement is a huge consideration. I use to figure out the best use of limited space. It’s easy to use, and it’s free. If nothing in the room works for you, consider making over key pieces. It’ll not only save you cash, but you’ll end up with a custom made piece!

Things I like in my foyer: 

  1. The paint color
  2. The board and batten
  3. The crown molding

It’s not a lot, but it’s a start!

4.  DO SET A BUDGET {and stick to it}

Figure out how much you can truly afford and be sure to add in a contingency fund – this goes for a small decor update all the way to a major renovation because no matter what you think you’ll spend, you’ll likely spend more. Case in point: The Target Dollar Aisle.  Our budget for this project will be $200. 


There comes a time in every dream where you must take action. One of the things I love about the One Room Challenge is that it holds me accountable and I have to stay moving to get it all done. It’s a bit crazy when it’s going on, but I’m always so happy when it’s finished that I pushed through and have one more space in my home to love. Although you may not be participating in the One Room Challenge, setting your own deadlines will keep things going and make it that much sooner you’ll end with a space that you love!

I’ll elaborate next week, but here is a quick look at my plan!


  1. Remove the carpet from the stairs and give the staircase new life.
  2. Replace the light fixture
  3. Change the space to allow for both a bench and a console table
  4. Add dimension and interest to the ceiling
  5. Paint the front door a bold color
  6. Add a new rug and accents more fitting to our style – plants are a must!
  7. Find space for a pet station



I’m excited to get started! It’s time to take this project from dream to action. I hope you’ll follow along.. if you’d like to, consider following me on Social Media or subscribing to make sure you don’t miss anything!

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New here? Get the full scoop on my Foyer Makeover!

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Reveal



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How to Make an Easy and Unique Tea Cup Succulent Planter

Posted in CRAFTS, CREATE WITH ME, Mothers Day
on April 4, 2017
This simple, inexpensive DIY succulent planter project will be loved by everyone from mothers to teachers!  Perfect for all of Spring’s gift-giving occasions.

Unique Moss Covered Teacup Planter Idea for Succulents

April is the start of that time of year – Yes, folks, it’s birthday season – the time of year where five of the seven in our immediate family, and more in our extended family, have birthdays within a three-month timeframe. This year, to up the ante, it’s my husband 40th birthday. No pressure there, right?!

The kid’s various hobbies and activities are all coming to a close, meaning, oodles of end of year parties and recitals. Add Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, Father’s Day, Memorial day, and you’ve got yourself a bona fide gift giving and activity frenzy. My calendar is FULL!

Thinking of all there is to do, the panic sets in – Suddenly, it’s as if I’m in a raft in the middle of the ocean. The merciless sun beats down, there is no wine water, and the sharks are circling, waiting for me to dip my big toe in so they can take a bite!

Need a quick and easy diy gift idea to keep you from swimming with the sharks

Of course, my hair wouldn’t look nearly that good if I truly was in the middle of the ocean, but you get the idea. Obviously, bowing out of some of these things would be easier on me but where is the fun in that? #inserteyerollhere


Instead, I look for simple but unique, inexpensive gift ideas that have me looking like a gift-giving super-star for teachers, thank you and Mother’s Day gifts. The added (free) printable gift tags (for Mothers, sisters, friends, teachers and one for everyone else) make this gift multi-purpose!

Free printable gift tags for Tea-riffic Succulent Pot


This succulent teacup planter made for the Create with Me DIY Challenge is what I (and you) need! All at once I see a life-raft come to save me – and there is room for you, too.  

The Create with Me DIY Challenge, hosted by Samantha of Little Bits of Home, depends on you, our readers, to vote on the materials we’ll use for next month’s projects. Scroll to the end of this post to cast your vote and to see the other fabulous projects for this month!

This month’s challenge: Create with succulents. Let’s get started.


DIY Moss Covered Succulent Teacup Planter

You will need:

A teacup and saucer
Glue gun
Moss sheets <affiliate link>
Faux Succulent stems <this one, too>
Floral Foam
Floral Pins <affiliate>
Olive green pipe cleaners
Printable (optional)


  1. Use the glue gun to cover the tea cup with moss strips. I used a teacup from my Spring Tea Party – use and re-use! Glue the pieces over the edge of the teacup rim.  I wound an olive green pipe cleaner around the handle to enlarge it a bit, then covered the pipe cleaner with moss.
  2. Glue the moss onto the saucer. Cut the moss into pie shapes and work your way around the saucer. Cover the entire surface.
  3. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit the inside of the cup and place it inside, with a dot of hot glue on the bottom.
  4. Add the succulents – and any other plants you’ve gathered to compliment. I added faux wildflowers. For the non-succulent stems, I used the floral pins to affix the plants. Put the tip of the pin through the hole of the stem and press it into the foam. I stuck the succulents in where they fit the best.

4 simple steps to a diy succulent teacup pot

And that’s it. Done. Easy Peasy.

Teacup Succulent Pot with wildflowers make a great gift for Teacher Appreciation and Mother's Day


To take your gift to the next level, add a ribbon and download a free set of gift tags – for your Mother, Sister, Friend, Teacher. Attach the tag to a straw or skewer and press the skewer into the foam. Yep. You’re a gift-giving superstar! 


Easy DIY Teacup Succulent Planter with free labels

Finally! With a few things crossed off my list, I’m more grounded – and feel less like I’m in the ocean! I wish the same for you – May you always have wine water on your raft, and may the sharks find another raft!

Here are more than a few other fun succulent ideas!

Now, we need YOUR help! Take the survey below and tell me what you want to Create with Me for May. Thanks so much!


All images via

Create your own user feedback survey

If you can’t see the survey, CLICK HERE!!!

Be sure to check out the other projects using succulents for this month. My friends are crazy talented!

5 Minute Faux Succulent Terrarium- Making Joy and Pretty Things

Hanging Succulent Planter- Our Crafty Mom

Creating Mini Succulent Arrangements- My Life from Home

DIY Faux Succulent Centerpiece- Two Purple Couches

Easy Succulent Art- Little Bits of Home

Succulent Tea Cup Planter- Knock if Off Kim


Finally, don’t forget your free labels!  Subscribe here to download a copy.  Each week I send a list of posts you may have missed and updates to other free goodies as I offer them! You can opt-out at any time. Promise!

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How to Make the Cutest Fabulous 50’s Car Cut-Out You’ve Ever Seen

on March 31, 2017

Create amazing photo ops with this “life-size” pink Cadillac cardboard cutout. It’s the perfect prop for outstanding party memories and pictures!

So, you’re hosting a 50s themed party and aren’t sure where to start setting the scene? Details make a themed party memorable, and it is simple to make your own Retro Convertible Standee that brings you back to the Poodle skirt, Rock’n’roll era with an easy tutorial and free downloadable pattern.

If you’re in a rush, use these links to skip to the tutorial section of your choice:

Download the Transfer Pattern

Preparing the Transfer

Cut out the Car

Painting the Details

Customize your Car


We’ve thrown a few parties around here, but by far, one of our most favorite bashes was the 50s Sock Hop we hosted for my daughter’s birthday.

I’ve loved everything 50’s since I was a little girl.  Dancing and twirling around my room in my full-skirted, yellow chiffon 50’s prom dress, with my ponytail swishing behind me circa Sandy 1950-something, belting out “Hopelessly Devoted to you..”, as my double Grease album – that I still have – spun on my Mickey Mouse record player. I just knew that Danny was helpless without me! #OhSandy

I’ve loved sharing the movie with my children – despite the ear-burning from the Greased Lightning lyrics (What?! How had I not known what they were saying?!) and I was so excited when my daughter wanted a “Grease” themed party! An inexpensive and easy way to set the scene for our Fabulous 50’s party was with the decorations.

This fun and easy Pink Convertible car cut-out not only made everyone feel as though they’d stepped out into the 50s, but it also served as a perfect photo prop. All the kids had the best time pretending they were cruisin’ to the drive-in after grabbing shakes and burgers. I may or may not have jumped in to get my photo when no one was looking. Even better, the car had a second life as the picture prop at our elementary school for their annual 50s day.

Here is how you can make your own!

Supplies you’ll need

  • Car Pattern
  • A tri-fold cardboard display board (28″ x 44″) – I got mine at Walmart.
  • Wax paper (cut into 18 -8.5″ x 11″ sheets)
  • Glue stick
  • 18 – 8.5″ x 11″ paper sheets
  • An inkjet printer
  • A utility knife
  • Acrylic paint in pink, black, dark gray and white <affiliate link – great set, but you can get it cheaper >
  • Paintbrushes
  • Chalk pen – white for customizing (optional) <affiliate link>


Download the Transfer Pattern

The transfer pattern, which includes a set of instructions, is available as a free printable for subscribers to Knock it Off Kim. Every week I send a list of posts you may have missed and updates to other free goodies as I offer them! You can opt-out at any time. Promise! Click here to subscribe and download the file.

Preparing the Transfer

Once you’ve downloaded your pattern, cut 17-18 8.5″x11″ wax paper sheets. To cut the wax paper, it’s easiest to fold the wax paper around an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of printer paper sheet, then tear down the fold.

Use a glue stick to apply a sheet of cut wax paper to a piece of printer paper. You don’t want the glue the sheets together to last a lifetime, just to keep the wax paper from bunching up in your printer and jamming it.

Print the car pattern feeding one sheet of wax paper through at a time, wax paper side down. Remove from the printer and place the sheet wax paper (ink) side up. Stacking individual pieces will ensure the ink does not smear from pattern piece to pattern piece. Repeat for each piece of the pattern – there will be 16, being sure to place the printed piece ink side up in individual piles – in other words, do not stack them on top of one another. Instead, lay the pieces out side by side on the floor or a larger surface sequentially.

Apply the Transfer

Put the display board out on a flat surface, right side up. Take the pattern piece numbered “1” and gingerly lay it, wax (ink) side down in the left top corner of the display board. Being sure to hold the pattern piece in place, trace firmly along the printed lines of the pattern with the tip of your finger, transferring the design from the wax paper to the board.

Take pattern piece “2” and align the edges of the design with the newly-transferred pattern on the board. Transfer the design. Repeat in this fashion until all the pattern pieces have been moved, working left to right. Let the ink dry to avoid smudging.

Cut out the Car

Cut out the top and inside of the windshield, areas marked with an “X”, with a sharp utility knife. It’s easiest to trace the cut-line with the knife without going through the cardboard, then, go back and retrace, cutting all the way through, using the first cut as a guide.

Cut out two 2″ x 6″ strips from your cardboard scraps. Attach one piece each on the bottom of each side of the back of the trifold board to act as stands using a glue gun. The car needs to lean back at a slight angle for balance – adjust the stands accordingly.  I found it easiest to attach one side first on the fold, then adjusted the board to where I wanted it to sit before attaching the other side.

Painting the Details

Paint the car in this order, allowing each color and coat to dry before moving on:

  1. The body of the car, using pink and a 1″ brush.
  2. The details marked in dark gray; headlights, outlines of fog lights, grille, license plate.
  3. Black details; the wipers, windshield outline, and grille.
  4. White and gray definition – For the grille, layer a white outline followed by a gray to give them a 3D effect.
  5. Outline all edges with a black paint pen or small paintbrush.
  6. Using a mostly dry brush, I feathered the paint along the edges of the ink outline, blending them towards the color.

Bonus: The ink outline does much of the shading for you!

Customize your Car

For an easy and fun way to personalize your prop, add the name of your guest of honor or organization to the license plate. A chalk pen in white would pop against the black!

Set up your car on a little table for a simple photo booth, and add a few fun photo props – <this is an affiliate link>. You can make your own, or, if you aren’t up for that, I found this set on Amazon. Ooh and Ah over your creativity! You AND your guests will be dancing around the room, channeling your inner Sandy, hand-jivin’ to Shake, Rattle & Roll, reveling in the nostalgia of an era you likely didn’t live in outside of the movie “Grease”! Not that I have any idea how to hand-jive, but in my 50’s dream, that’s what I’m doing!

I hope your party is the best! And, of course, let me know if you have any questions or I can help in any way. Cheers!

Still need the pattern? You can get it by subscribing here!

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Rather buy than DIY? I’ve got you covered!


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