Pinterest Challenge Update #5 and #6 – Pillows and Fan Lampshade

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on March 30, 2013

You might remember that I challenged myself by entering my very first Pinterest Challenge, linking up with Merrick’s Art which is ending this coming Tuesday. The challenge was to pick and complete six pins by April 2nd. What made it challenging for me, is that I began the challenge on March 22nd, giving me twelve whole days to complete the challenge! As of today, I’ve completed four of my six pins. You can take a look at my complete list of pins here, and the carrot Easter wreath I completed here and the dry erase calendar here, both of which I was so excited about.

With only four days left, and an Easter dinner and egg hunt in between, it’s going to be close, but I might just make it! Today, I’m here with an update for items #5 and #6.

Pin #5 was a ceiling fan barrel lampshade. I LOVE this. It turned out so well and just made oodles of difference in K’s room. Literally, it took a $45 fan and turned it into something gorgeous! I used this tutorial over at Six Sisters Stuff to recover the lamp shade – the fabric came from a brand new packaged window panel I picked up at Goodwill for $8.99, that was originally from Target. I was able to use the remaining fabric from the panel to cover a matching table lamp, in the throw pillows for her room and still have a TON left over for other fun projects. The fan pulls were a bit of creative endeavor. I had these great drawer pulls that I’d found at hobby lobby that match the drawer pulls I used when refinishing her dressers. They were the right size, the right shape, but entirely the wrong color. A few coats of fire engine red nail polish and they were just perfect. I attached the pulls by removing the screw, and threading the drawer pull through in reverse order, placing the nut on the bottom and the chain stopper under the nut. I used hot glue what else?  to secure the chain stopper. Success! I just love it when something simple has such a big impact, don’t you?

Challenge #6 was to create my version of a set of fantastic pillows I found here at the, that featured different fabrics and felt flowers of different sizes. I found their tutorial easy to follow, I would highly recommend this project and I had a great time making the felt flowers – I had no idea they were so simple to make, that I could be adding felt flowers to everything! K’s room has a “Paris” theme, and the felt flowers made the pillows look feminine without being too much, and a bit vintage which fit the theme perfectly. While I was there, I came across this free pattern for a dress form pin cushion that I could be looking a little closer at! The “Paris” pillow needs little explanation, but was modelled after a Hobby Lobby pillow I came across. The “Bonjour” pillow was K’s idea and is her favorite! That girl is so creative – I can’t wait to see what direction she takes all that creative energy in when she’s older. It totally reminds me of Pepe le Pew in French Fry form. Originally, a T-shirt that we found, I added the larger border to make it work. There is a tutorial here linked from Uncommon Designs Online that talks about turning T-Shirts into pillows, and there is even a service on Etsy that will turn your T-Shirts into Pillows for you!

Four down, two to go. With the plans for the weekend – I am totally insane. 

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