That space behind the door – Finding storage where you can

on July 7, 2013

There are two things I really, really love when I’m redecorating – finding the absolute perfect spot for an object and re-using something I already have in a new way. When both of those happen at the same time it’s a super win!

Although Kyla’s room is a fair size, it is awkardly shaped, with windows and doors in less than ideal locations. When we were redecorating, we tried to include furniture that would provide ample storage and also allowed for her future growth and needs, such as the bookcases that flank either side of her bed. For more information on her PB inspired pompom duvet, check out the tutorial here.

She’s still young – many of her storage needs revolve around toys, books and clothes, but within a few short years, we’ll be looking at other storage needs, such as makeup, desk and school accessories, a place for homework.. .you get the picture.

We were able to repurpose an old oak veneer vanity, by painting it to match both dressers in the room. All three pieces have a similiar feel and style – all tie in beautifully with her Paris theme. It was painted using Behr Premium Plus Satin finish in Black Suede. Although small, it fits in to the available space nicely, and will provide for both it’s obvious purpose, as well as a desk surface where she can do homework. The table is a hardworking piece, without a doubt, but one of the things it does not provide for is storage, save for a small drawer – it has side panels that open, but this isn’t very practical storage – you need to clear the top off every time you want to reach something.

For once, the awkward layout of the room is a plus – because of the angle of the wall near the door, there is a significant amount of space behind – nearly a foot. With narrow shelving, we can provide not only much needed storage to the desk/study area, but also a bulletin board area that Kyla can change and add to as she pleases.

Everything, save for the small storage containers, we already had and were looking to repurpose – a large bulletin board in a basic cork board finish and three country style trinket shelves, in various finishes and conditions. We started off by giving all of the pieces we were using a cohesive finish – we sprayed everything using Krylon Fusion in Satin Dover White  – my go to white spray paint. To give a little flexibility to the shelving, we inverted one of the shelves, providing a pocket shelf. We added tin and other small storage buckets found at Target to catch small nick-knacks and to hold pencils and other desk supplies.

Each shelf has a reinforced bracket to ensure stability.

The bottom shelves were mounted typically, and currently hold jewelry boxes and electronics.

Taking advantage of this area behind the door provided some much needed storage in an area that would have gone unused, using supplies that also would have gone unused. An added bonus, it’s not only functional, but super cute – AND, the clutter, BOP magazine posters and mess is easily hidden by the door!

Where are some areas that you’ve been able eek out storage? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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  • Nicole@Show Off Friday

    I really love that little storage area behind the door! As for us we just moved and there is tons of potential here!

    July 12, 2013 at 3:28 pm Reply
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