The Happy Room Update – Our Homeschool Classroom. Where the magic is happening!

on September 10, 2013

Wooohoo! We made it! The first week of school is under our belt and we’re all the better for it! I hope you are all faring as well as we are. With that behind us, I finally have some time to finish up our Happy Room Classroom post and share with all of you!

Most of our August was spent getting this room ready for occupation the first of the year, so we could begin our home school journey. You can check here for a looks-y view of our original disaster  at where we started from. With just painting left, we are so happy with our final result.

The goal: To provide a space that acted as both a family area and a classroom, as well as a craft room.

The outcome: A sitting area provides for a place to read together, watch movies together, and generally relax and hang-out together. It also doubles as a guest room when needed.

Adding fun pillows and accessories brought whimsy and fun to the futon sofa – it truly is a place we like to spend time in, and that is exactly what we were going for!

dedicated desk area provided space for a sewing desk, as well as our family computers. It’s a nice quiet spot that we use for crafting and homeschooling sessions, as well as homework.

Storage was obviously a necessity – we provided inexpensive, not to mention super cute, storage using these file boxes. This provides hidden, decorative storage for nearly the entire room.

But, the most integral part? The classroom. We started off with a table.

The pedestal table was a Goodwill find – $49.99. It was a tad bit beat up, filthy and nicotine stained, and came with a genuine cigarette burn (or two!). It was a steal! Actually, after a good sanding, two coats of zinsser,  a coat of paint and a good cleaning, it is perfect for our classroom. It’s sturdy, small enough for the room, but large enough to accommodate all of our needs. It’s a great cutting table, crafting table.. well, you get the picture. The chairs were our old dining chairs. After a coat of Rustoleum, in black satin, they quickly became our new classroom chairs! After the basics were met, we were on to necessary accessories.

A large, framed chalkboard sits upon one wall. The frame was another Goodwill find. A light sanding, and coat of Rustoleum, in gloss apple red, gave the frame presence and fun. Chalkboard paint applied to a perfectly fitting piece of hardboard and inserted in to the frame gave it function.

I gave this fun tray a makeover with Rustoleum Lagoon, added a few containers to catch-all, and now have a super functional desk supply caddy. I attached felt to the bottom to protect the table finish, as it often is moved around the table to make room for projects, or moved closer for easier reach. It is so nice to have everything at arms reach and know exactly where to find what I need!

We also added an easel of sorts, using binder clips and hardboard attached to picture hangers and then to the wall. This is where the art magic happens. A small decorative shelf acts as a paint or supply tray, and a hook to the side stores Ayden’s art smock and paint palette, that he picked out himself. 
Our calendar/bulletin board area is made up of both cork and foam board, with various printables and pieces from numerous places. A small side table and chair act as storage and seating during circle time. 
Large floor pillows and a basket full of books provide an instant reading nook. 
And finally, framed cork boards, painted to coordinate, provide a space to show off  artwork, creating an instant gallery wall. They were painted using Rustoleum Lagoon, Apple Red and Fire Orange.
We set out to create a happy, relaxed space, that sparks creativity, and supports learning, and managed accomplish something pretty close to that. I take that as a win! I know our family will be able to enjoy this room for many years to come – once it’s painted, of course. Thanks for following along on our journey! 
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  • Susie Jax

    Wow what a beautiful class room! I think its fantastic. Wish I had one like that! I am stopping by today from Made U Look Blog hop! I look forward to a visit at

    September 13, 2013 at 2:53 pm Reply
  • Kim Young

    Hi Susie! Thank you, thank you and thank you! I'm on my way over to your blog right now!

    September 16, 2013 at 3:33 pm Reply
  • Cindy deRosier

    Love it!

    January 2, 2017 at 7:22 pm Reply
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