The Sky is Fallling! Acorn Craft Round-up – 10 of my faves

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on September 9, 2013

This is what Ayden found in our driveway this morning. It’s official. Fall is upon us. Despite the fact that this week saw a consistent 85-90 degrees. It also means that in a few weeks, we’ll be skating down our driveway on the acorns that will have fallen out of the bazillion oak trees surrounding our home. You think I’m kidding – I will take pictures as proof. I can send my kids out to pick up acorns and they may or may not come back until the following spring.

I decided rather than fight the avalanche, perhaps I’d take a look into what I can do with all of them – acorns that is, not kids – the kids are still looking for acorns! I was surprised (happily) to find more projects, with more applications, than I’ll ever have time to conquer. Whether using part of or the entire acorn, here are 10 of my favorites:

Acorns for the Home:

one, two, three

This cute framed leaf, using the acorn cap, at BHG, is a great example of a sweet way to bring nature, and texture, in to a room, in very little time and for little investment. While the leaf is adorable, the possibilities are endless for other adornments. The wreath is very season appropriate, and could easily look great right and match your season right through winter. The tutorial to create your own is easy to follow – a fantastic, and quick, project!  The napkin rings, also by BHG, are a cute addition to any fall table (Thanksgiving anyone?). I was actually looking for some cheap quick and easy napkin rings for our Thanksgiving dinner last year – I wish I’d come across these earlier!

one, two

I also love the simplicity of these acorn flowers. So cute, and so easy! For a tutorial, go here.  I know it’s hard to believe, but according to one of the many Christmas Countdown Calendars out there, Christmas is only 108 days away. I, for one, would like to turn over a new leaf and begin preparing a little sooner than I usually I do – the week before. These simple, but stunning, ornaments look like a great way to start!

Acorn crafting with kids:
one, two

My kids just love acorns – maybe they love that the acorns signify cooler weather, leaf piles to jump in, and hot apple cider. Or, maybe, they just love something small that can fit in their pockets! These crafts are sure to be winners in our house. These acorn pendants will be fun to make with Bekah and Kyla and the acorn art is on our agenda for an Ayden home school art project during our Fall theme!

Acorns in Wedding and Party Decor

one, two, three

We were married in October – our six year anniversary is coming up next month, actually, and there is nothing more beautiful than a Fall wedding. However, an outdoor Fall dinner party rates right up there! I absolutely fell in love with this acorn boutonniere, perfect for a Fall wedding! The glitter acorns are sure to dress up any occasion, and I just love, love, love these floating beeswax candles. They are available through Etsy shop greenbaboondesigns, and can also easily be made following this diy tutorial available here. These candles will burn for a maximum of 15 minutes.. practical? No. Still cute? Ohhhh yeah.

That’s it for now.. Now, make like a squirrel and gather! Acorns that is! Happy Fall!

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  • Traci Creel

    I have acorn envy. I can never seem to find any acorns even thought my home is in a neighborhood called Haggin Oaks and I have 4 oak trees in my yard. Only one tree drops acorns and they are the skinny long ones while I yearn for the short fat ones.
    Love all of your ideas so I may be reduced to buying the acorns so I can do some of these great projects.

    September 10, 2013 at 9:01 pm Reply
    • Kim Young

      I'd be happy to send some your way.. we have too much of a good thing! I think the acorn depends on the type of oak – we are surrounded by White Oaks and have an unending supply of short, fat acorns. We also have an unending supply of squirrels hoarding the acorns. It's definitely fun around here in the fall!

      September 11, 2013 at 5:34 pm Reply

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