An apple play date party – Showing Johnny Appleseed some love!

on October 2, 2013

Okay, I know, I’m behind. I know it’s time for Halloween. I know that Apple week was LAST week, not this week, and I really, really wanted to share this with you last week – life just keeps getting in the way of blogging. C’est la vie. Better late than never I always say, so we’ll talk about it anyway.. because it was fun! We started off the week with apple picking, did some word study with our very own indoor apple picking adventure and ended the week with this fun event!

It just so happens that September 26th, is Johnny Appleseed’s birthday, which so perfectly fell in line with our theme, that it was almost as though I had planned it that way – I didn’t exactly, because I don’t really roll like that, but still, it was perfect! Johnny Appleseed was such a great person and birthdays are meant to be celebrated… so, celebrate we did! To mark the occasion, Ayden and I got together with a group of great friends, with a themed play date – An apple themed play date of course!

We kept things relatively simple, all bringing snacks or something apple related to share. The play date was held at my home and I couldn’t resist doing a little bit of decorating to get everyone feeling.. apple-y?

The kitchen shelves that I hmm’d and huhhh’d over for weeks on end were given a little make-over with a fun paper apple garland and a basket full of fresh apples picked straight off the tree.

These fun little apple pops are chocolate dipped double-stuffed oreos embellished by a chocolate leaf and stem, all on a stick.

Apple peanut butter sandwiches were a cinch to make by slicing apples in to .5″ slices, removing the core and spreading peanut butter between two slices.

Jolie shared yummy apple pie, which we all devoured, and we added crunchy apple spice granola bars – a new flavor for me, but yummy – all served on apple modified plates and snack ware.

After snack and some serious trampoline time, we moved in to story time.

For our story, we read Johnny Appleseed by Jodie Shepherd, a simple but fun read. The girls were all in to the story.. the boys, not so much! We all (moms, too) loved our tinpot hats – except for Ayden, who refused to put it on –  which were made using brown craft paper and silver paint, as modelled below.

Leslie Appleseed
Jolie Appleseed

My lovely sister-in-law, April Appleseed

My friends are awesome, and yes, I asked them if I could post these pictures first. They said no.. but eh, who needs friends? Just kidding!  And where is my Appleseed photo, do you ask? Well, let’s just say holding the camera has it’s perks!

We finished off the afternoon with a few fun crafts, including apple stamping and tissue paper art.

Both were a big, big hit.

Everyone went home with fantastic fun bag from Leslie, filled with activity printables, flashcards using apple related sight words and red “tinpot hats”. 


Despite refusing to wear my Johnny Appleseed hat creation, as you can see, Ayden was all about Leslie’s version. He was, however, not at all about my asking him to smile one.more.time. The colander was a constant on his head for the rest of the day, and finally ended up in the bath with him later that night – Way to go, Leslie! 

Thanks to everyone who came to hang out with us! 

Update: This post was recently featured in a fantastic roundup on along with a group of other fantastic and creative projects. If you get a chance, check some of these others out, along with modernbaby. You won’t be sorry that you did!
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  • Nicole

    That is all so cute. I especially like the oreos made into apple pops!

    October 14, 2013 at 7:01 pm Reply
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