Hanging with the Monster Mash Gang OR how to turn an Epic Foul Fail into Halloween Fabulous

on October 12, 2013

‘Tis the ghoulish season. So, I have a million and one projects to share with you, but since I’m working on a million and one projects, sharing will have to wait! However, I decided a quickie was in order – everyone likes a quickie now and then, right? Ahem. Yes, I said that out loud.. just checking to see if you’re all paying attention!

I’m really in love with vintage Halloween folk art paraphernalia. There is a certain innocence to it, and yet, to me, things from a bygone age almost come to appear more sinister because they are more innocent. I don’t own any vintage Halloween pieces – they are often out of my price range – but that doesn’t stop me from gorging on Pinterest looking.


One night will gorging looking, I came across this amazing tutorial on how to transform dollar store pumpkins in to folk art pieces. These are so adorable and I thought.. why not? And then I realized why not.. it was after closing time and I didn’t have any pumpkins.

But, I did have 6 lovely cow painted 2 liter soda bottles left over from our fun little cow tipping game at Ayden’s Farm birthday party taking up room in my garage that were ready for alteration, and I thought.. why not!

My first only documented step was to draw the faces on to the bottles and to used scissors to cut through and around the mouth and eyes.

I unfortunately don’t have too many photos of my process, as I was following the tutorial (if you try this, use both her tutorial and her paper mache recipe.. both are excellent!) and concentrating very hard – there was no multi-tasking going on. If there had been, perhaps I could have spent some of that brain power on foreseeing the future of my little bottle project. But, instead, I followed that plan to a “t”. I mean, every step.. including the baking in the oven step to dry the paper mache, completely forgetting that I was not working with foam pumpkins, I was working with plastic 2 liter soda bottles. And, what happens when you put plastic in the oven covered in paper mache, you ask? Well, the paper mache DOES dry as expected, but the bottle warps and bubbles under the paper mache, giving your pieces a bit of a wrinkled creepy look. Fail. And, Duh.

I was sad. And, I was going to throw them all out, as a matter of fact I threw out a few that were just beyond repair or salvage. My dear husband helped me to see the light before they all were tossed.. (thanks, Honey!) ..Maybe the wrinkled warped look would ADD to the piece?

Our favorite? Definitely this skeleton guy, with the gentle eyes.

So, nice save, huh? An epic foul fail to Halloween Fabulous at about 200F. Who knew?

I hope you’re enjoying this ghoulish season!

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  • Jen @ Cuddles and Chaos

    I love when people share their crafts fails. It makes me feel so much better about the millions of little fails I have!

    That said, these are actually super cute! While they might not be exactly what you were going for, they're not full-on failures. You made it work!

    October 22, 2013 at 9:54 pm Reply
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