Procrastinators Unite! Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Round-up for the Hims

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on February 12, 2014

Funny story: Shay and I had our first conversation ever over Valentine’s Day. Shay and I worked for the same company.. I had only just started there about a month before and had seen this cute guy around the coffee machine.. which is funny, because I don’t drink coffee.
Anyway, Valentine’s Day came around –  I was feeling kind of nonchalantly bitter, because although I don’t really get overly excited about Valentine’s Day, it’s just not fun to be partner-less on February 14th. It didn’t really bother me to be single at any other time of the year.. except maybe Christmas.. but that is the one day of the year that leaves all the singles out – it is a gig in which you are expected to have a partner, and you don’t get to go to the party if you don’t have one. I didn’t have one. So.. I was feeling a bit angry-table-for-one-ish. I was walking down the hall after picking up some copies from the printer, when Mr.SuperCute walked by on his way to pick up his own copies and wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day, to which I replied, without looking up from my papers, “Happy, happy, joy, joy.” He laughed, I snickered – 30 minutes later he sent me an email that read, “Ren and Stimpy.. nice.. “. We then proceeded to slam Valentine’s Day together for the remainder of the day. We went on our first date very shortly after. The rest, they say, is history. Who knew Ren and Stimpy were the ultimate matchmakers?

Fast forward, and yet another Valentine’s Day is upon us. Over the past few weeks we’ve spent some time baking up our favorite Valentine treats and our littlest Valentines have their cards created, signed, sealed.  I’m not a complete slacker.. or.. am I..  I must be, since I’m now faced with a dilemma..  what to get Mr. SuperCuteness. We are down to the wire, with three days left – counting V-Day itself.. not to be confused with D-Day.. although in this case, perhaps it’s both? – and a pending super freak snow storm on the horizon, which promises to snow all of Central VA in. Trudge forward I must to find the perfect gift before the first flurries fly! Needless to say, I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking around for the past few days. Knowing there are people all over the world just like me, I thought I’d help my fellow procrastinators out by giving you a few ideas that I’ve come across for your very own Mr. SuperCutes.. mine is spoken for and I don’t share well! 
My Sister’s Suitcase – Secret Message Bottle
A cute DIY gift incorporates vintage looking game pieces to create a secret message for your honey. The game pieces can be found at Joann’s in the scrap booking department. This week, Joann’s has a 40% off one item coupon that you can print off here
Owen & Fred – Hey Handsome Shave Bag
This shave bag is made of sturdy canvas and says it all! It is available in three color combinations – grey and cobalt, navy and red, and green and orange (shown above). Rush shipping is available by the looks of it! 
Etsy – Custom Beer Labels

Order a set of Custom Valentine Beer Labels, or print off your own, and add them to a sampler pack of his favorite brews. Or, take it a step further and make him a member of the beer of the month club, where a new artisan beer will be sent to him every month. – Stainless Bottle Opener Cuff Links
Stunning, practical and purposeful – stainless steel bottle opener cuff links. For the man who has everything.. except a bottle opener. 
Marini’s Candies – Chocolate Covered Bacon
Chocolate covered bacon. Chocolate. Bacon. Enough said. Order it from here or whip up a batch of your own  Chocolate Bacon Toffee.. just be sure you’re love receives it! 
Etsy – Let’s make out Pillow

Shay isn’t normally as excited about throw pillows as I am – this one might be an exception.

Etsy – Custom Marker Map

DJ at You are Here Custom Maps has a fast turn around time, is flexible and fantastic to work with. This is also available as a digital download, making it the perfect procrastinator gift, as you can frame it yourself. Don’t ask me how I know. 
Etsy – Zombie Valentine Candy
Zombie Valentine candy – perfect for all of us The Walking Dead lovers! Love, love, love these! These are a definite order item for me though – wool felting and I are not kindred spirits (ie: I suck at it). You can read a little more about my wool felting experience here
Uncommon Goods – Beer Soap

I can imagine this will make us all happy. A manly scented soap, made with his favorite lager. It’s a win-win.
Etsy – Trophy Husband Tee

Some things need no further explanation. I must run. I have shopping to do. And the countdown is on! 
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