How to throw a Game Day Party for fans and non-fans!

on January 27, 2015

I know it’s rare to find our breed, but we are kind of non-football people. I know, I know.. gasp, what wicked words do I speak! Well.. I won’t drag my whole family down with me, Truth be told, THEY are football people.. I’m a loser not a football people. No hate mail please, because I don’t hate it, it’s just that it’s not… hockey.

My Packer’s Fans

It would help if it weren’t so complicated. All that keeping track of where they are, and then they have to switch sides and start over again.. it’s kind of stressful.

I’m not a total loss, though.. For starters, I know the big game is coming. The big game is the one I actually like to watch. But even that game requires survival skills on my part. To survive a game, or even more so, a football related party, I strictly adhere to the following rules:

  1. I never mistake the American version of football with football from every other part of the world. Football isn’t football. It’s football.
  2. Although I understand that each team has to get the ball to their own side of the field to score a touchdown (and yes, I know what that is), I pretend to understand why they need to do this in 10 yard increments, and I just nod over the whole switching directions at half time.
  3. I know to cover my eyes when Janet Jackson is performing and try not to catch flies when Madonna is performing, over her ability to still dance like that.
  4. I don’t cheer when the referee comes out, despite the fact that I love an outfit with stripes. When he comes out it’s never a good thing. I know this.
  5. I use phrases like “I know, right!” and “tell me about it” whenever someone tries to engage me in conversation about football, for fear I may confuse football with football.
  6. When cheering, I limit my outbursts to “YEAH!” to avoid cheering for the wrong team.
  7. If all else fails, just say, “More seven layer dip?” Good thing I always have some on hand.

I have friends that love football. I love my friends, despite their love, and, I live in a house of occasional football people that I love, too. They are almost equally divided into three camps – The Cowboys camp, the Green Bay camp, and the Seahawks camp. No surprise that we have a pretty excited third of our household these days! But, me? Long hair, don’t care too much. I just don’t love it.

A Cowboys lover and my Superman

But, what I do love? A party. Even a game day party. That’s one thing we can all agree on. Sweets, spicy and savory junk food, fun and festivities? Oh, yeah. That I can get behind!
The best way to plan a party like this, especially an impromptu one, is to just keep it simple. Simple decorating, simple menu, simple games.. believe me, it’s enough for me to just follow the game!


My simple decorating started with this easy football table runner that I made last year. One of these days I’ll get around to adding yard lines..  I think it would be so cute that way! For now, it sets the mood nicely just as it is.


For serveware, I use what I have. Over the years I’ve collected many, many of the galvanized tubs, buckets and hit up the Target dollar aisle for way more mini metal buckets than I can ever use. Truthfully, though, I use them for EVERYTHING.

In this case, all that metal gave the food table a fun industrial look that had my husband not complaining that I was “girling up” football.. at least until I pulled out the mini serving forks.  A fun bunting, also from the Target dollar bins, gave the display a fun look without a lot of work. Add in a football and you’re good to go!


Our menu? A taco bar, featuring an assortment of TexMex goodness. Rather than talking about it, let me show you!

Walking Tacos – a selection of corn, sun and tortilla chips. Fill your favorite fixings, and add a choice of:
Tex-Mex chicken  @ knockitoffcrafts ||
Smoky shredded pork @ Cooking Light ||
Chipotle Fish @ Cooking Light ||
Individual Five Layer Dip @ knockitoffcrafts
A choice of three salsas –
Pineapple salsa recipe @ skinny mom – I substituted mango for the pineapple||
Just like Chipotle’s Corn salsa @ howsweeteats ||
Lime-cilantro crema @ Cooking Light ||
Tomato Salsa (I use Jack’s Special Mild Salsa – Yum!) ||
The usual fixings – guacamole, shredded cheddar, monteray jack, sour cream, chopped tomato, shredded lettuce, onion, bell and hot peppers
Empanadas @mycolumbianrecipes – I substituted half of a werthers soft caramel, added toasted coconut and nixed the marshmallow to make my own somoa version


(Idiot Proof) Snickerdoodle Peanut Butter Chocolate Chex Mix Bars @ Half Baked Harvest ||


For the adults, of course, there is the obvious – a good craft beer! We often include children in our parties, and therefore include a fun carbonated beverage as well.  For something more personal, punch, alcoholic or not, is my go-to beverage choice for a party of any kind. It’s cheap, easy to make and serve – can’t beat self serve – and I love the idea of serving a signature drink or two that goes along with my theme. Here are a few ideas for a game day punch.

Touchdown punch @ thissillygirlslife ||
Red white and Blue Sangria @ knockitoffcrafts||
Fruit punch @ ||
Homemade Cherry Soda @ Southern


At a game day party, there is often little need for additional entertainment for the adults, what with an abundance of good food, good drinks and good conversation, but if you find a lull in the action, or, if you’re looking for ideas to keep the kids busy, I found some great resources and ideas!

Pin the football on the Goal Post @ crazyloucreations ||
Superbowl commercial bingo @ stylemepretty ||
Tailgate word search and printables @ ||
Football trivia and mascot match @ ||
Commercial rating signs @ studiodiy ||


One of my favorite things to have a party is a craft idea for the small fries. Kids know if they are visiting that I’ll have a craft put together for them!

Game Day Penants @ ||
Your own personal player @ ||
Paper football and goal post tutorial @ ||

Party Favor Ideas

Send your guests home a small token of your appreciation.


Football M&M bags @ chick-n-scrap

I don’t know about you, but I’m stuffed and I have had enough football for the year. With all of this party fun, I’d almost forgotten I have a bathroom in shambles, and owe you a big update on our progress! More on that soon!

23-34- Hut! Hut! (Is that even a valid call?)

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