Dining/Play Room – The Source List – One Room Challenge

on May 20, 2016

Hi, There! It feels so odd to be wrapping up a project that has been consuming us for so long! 

We set out to overhaul our Dining Room into a multi-purpose space of a Playroom with Dining Room potential along with more talented bloggers than I can count during the One Room Challenge, hosted by Linda at Calling it Home. I wanted a room that would function as a playroom the majority of the time but shows a lovely, sophisticated side when it was time for a formal dinner for ten. I wanted fun, colorful accessories, and art that would be comfortable in either setting and furniture that could serve more than one purpose. So, in a nutshell, this post is the result of all of that crazy! 

Benches | Chairs | Cow Print| Ottoman| Rug | Platter (similar) |

Obviously, this week was a little different than the prior six weeks before. It honestly took me a moment to figure out what to do with myself. What does a girl do when she’s at the end of such a fun but intense project? For starters, I’ve spent a bit of time walking in and out of the room admiring it, and picking up toys, trying to keep it pretty for just one more day.. which isn’t going to happen. Then I had a birthday – I’m 46 and not yet sure how I feel about that, threw in a half dozen dance recital rehearsals – we have multiple dancers in our house -slipped in a weekend away for a baseball jamboree, worked a bit on a few other projects.. And now, I’m back to share a few sources with you! As you can see, I’ve been resting.  

If I’ve missed anything, please leave me a comment below and I’ll get this post updated. Also, be sure to watch for source updates as I provide more details on the table, artwork, and plates! 

Here we go!    
The two largest pieces in the room are by far the table and the built-ins. 

Benches | Chairs Cow PrintOttomanRug Platter (similar) |

Tassle PillowBenches |OttomanRug |

I will be sharing more details on the table build soon, but just to give you an idea of what we were going for; I wanted the table to be out of the way when we weren’t using it, but I also wanted to be able to seat our entire family when needed. I found inspiration through this dining room re-design, where essentially, they had done exactly what we were trying to do – created a table that would be out of the way until needed. Following their lead, we came up with the design for the top and added it to Ana White’s plans for the base, with a bit of tweaking for the size.  

Lamp | Art Print 1 | Art Print 2 | Art Print 3| Art Print 4| Art Print 5| Art Print 6| Rug|

What we ended up with was an exceptionally large console table (9 feet. At least 200lbs. Just sayin’) when not entertaining and a huge, rustic table when we are. When we have large gatherings, such as our annual Halloween party, we’ll be able to use the console surface for food and drinks and Thanksgiving we’ll be dressing up the entire table. We are so happy with how it turned out and all of the versatility it gives us. 

Benches | Storage Bins|

We’re also pretty in love with the benches which also work double duty. The flip top gives us loads of toy storage and the casters make it easy to move them into place for dining. Not only are they pretty, but they are also actually very comfortable as well! 

Table Runner| Chairs| Benches| Rug| Table|

Table RunnerChairsBenchesRug| Table| Metal Chairs| Cow Print| Light|
The built-ins started with gifted upper cabinets from some dear friends who were remodeling their kitchen. We used Thrifty Decor Chick‘s built-ins as inspiration but had to adjust for the size of our cabinets and made our own countertop. We created the countertop from yellow pine 1x4s and 1x5s and stained it with Rustoleum Gel Stain in Aged Oak. 

Cabinet Hardware |
The shelving was added afterward using common pine 1×12 boards. 
Mermaid | Hello Print | Platter – similar|

Mermaid| Plant| Gnome|
Picture Frame| Colored glass bottles |
A thin rail was added to the top shelves to hold the China in place. We already had the China as well as the salad plates but had not put them together in the past. I just love the brightness of the plates, and I love that they take away some of the formalness of the China while at the same time enhancing it. 
Salad Plates | Paint |
The storage the built-ins provide us is fantastic, not only for entertaining necessities but also for toys! The last cabinet is entirely dedicated to toy storage. 
Toy Buckets |
I like the rustic look and practicality of these galvanized buckets. They came with a chalkboard label for easy notification of what’s inside. Additional toy storage can be found in the storage benches, of course, and in the book nook. I tried to provide as many “quick fix” options as possible – lots of baskets to throw things into if there is a need for a fast toy clean-up! The hamper holds balls and other larger objects and throws pillows.
One of my favorite elements in the entire room, the rug, was a great find! There is practically nothing that would not go with this rug – it has every color and shade of the rainbow. The subtle chevron pattern has a calming influence on all of that color, and the woven texture adds interest to the room, especially when the room is acting as a playroom. It’s a great focal point for an otherwise open space! 
Leaf Plate (similar) | Cityscape Plate | Flamingo Plate | Cat Plate| Pineapple Plate| Duck Plate| Teapot Plate| Landscape Plate| Lemon/Lime Coasters – Target | Blue and white crackle Platter| Red-rimmed plate|
The plate wall was inspired by a similar look found on West Elm. I loved their eclectic mix of sophistication and whimsy which can be a bit tricky to pull off. It was exactly that eclectic mix that fit in this room, which I wanted to be a combination of sophistication and whimsy! It allowed me to incorporate some fun elements that would be completely appropriate in either setting – fun for a playroom obviously, and plates for a dining room? Perfect! Some of the plates I already owned, some were DIY, and others I gathered in my travels. Many are melamine, especially those hanging lower on the wall, making them safe for roughhouse playing and flying objects. Check back for an upcoming tutorial on the animal plates! 
I had quite the challenge when coming up with artwork for this room. It needed to be kid-friendly but also fit right in with an elegant dinner party. 
Lamp Art Print 1 | Art Print 2 | Art Print 3| Art Print 4Art Print 5| Art Print 6| Rug|
My son would have been happy to have Sponge Bob and Dinosaurs throughout the room, but that wasn’t going to work! I decided to go with something that I felt would not only work with both spaces but is a bit of a callout to something our family enjoys doing together – visiting theme parks! 
Mixing carnival prints with abstract and geometric images allowed for all the elements to come together. All of the prints were found on Etsy, inexpensively matted on foam board and framed simply. Hanging the prints symmetrically complimented the casual look of the plate wall and commanded the attention of its own. 
 Art Print 1 | Art Print 2 | Art Print 3| Art Print 4Art Print 5|
Art Print 6| RugChairsBenches| Table|Light|
The primary source of lighting in this room is this pendant light, generously provided by LampsPlus. LampsPlus has a tremendous selection, but seeing this light was love at first sight for me and in many ways, I built the room around the look and feel. 
Art Print 1 | Art Print 2 | Art Print 3| Art Print 4Art Print 5|
Art Print 6| Light|
The light is oversized for this room, but because of it’s openness, it remains balanced. The light takes 4- 60-watt bulbs, giving off a tremendous amount of light. For ambiance, we had the light installed on a dimmer switch. 
Table Chairs Cow PrintRug | Basket | 
Last but not least, the book nook is another of my favorite areas – I know, they all seem to be! The industrial side table is another versatile piece that pulls double duty – it’s a toy catch all and book shelf when we’re in play mode and can easily be converted to a bar cart when we are in dining style. It’s a perfect spot for the dining chairs as well, and I love my new cow print! Funny story about that guy – years ago, before she passed away, my mother lived in the country next to a dairy farm. She had a large bay window in her breakfast nook that looked out over the dairy farm pasture, with the fence line coming right up to the window, which was of course filled with cows on most days. Often, when we’d be eating dinner we’d have to close the blinds because the cows would come right up to the fence line and stare at us while we were eating – that’s seriously unnerving when you are chowing down on a burger! When I saw the print that was the first thing I thought of – and forever more, or until I redecorate, I will have my cow staring at me while I chow down on a burger or Thanksgiving dinner! 
Thank you, thank you to LampsPlus for their generous sponsorship and thank you to Linda at Calling it Home for hosting such a fun and rewarding challenge! I can’t wait to participate again in the fall! 
If you haven’t had a chance do check out the other linking participants – it’s inspiration overload! 
Want to see the whole story? Take a walk down memory lane! 
Pin me for later – Multi-purpose Play/Dining Room 

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