Saturday Showcase – January Edition

on January 28, 2017

Hi! Today is a special day! Not only am I posting on a Saturday, which I don’t often do, but I’m doing so from a new platform! Way more exciting for me I’m sure, but for those of you who’ve visited before you might have noticed things look a wee bit different, and I do hope you like the changes!


Today is also special because it marks the beginning of a new collaboration with some of my most favorite people who just happen to be some of my most favorite bloggers – the Saturday Showcase!

Each month I’ll be sharing a few projects, tips and inspiration ideas from Amanda of Love & Renovations, Amy of My Life from Home, Emily from Two Purple Couches, Roxanne from The Honeycomb Home and April of UncookieUncookie Cutter.

Haven 2016 – Terrible picture, lovely girls!


Why? Because they have the BEST ideas!

Sometimes you unexpectedly come across kindred spirits, and when you meet someone who gets your love of sandpaper and paint chips, you hang on to them for dear life!  Our group of fast friends all met up at Haven Conference last summer. In case you don’t know, Haven is a blogger conference specifically for Home Decor/DIYers, which means everyone participating has the same crazy ideas of fun and are passionate about many of the same things I am! I would have told you about the conference sooner, but I’m still recovering from the stress of a serious Pre-Haven eyebrow waxing that left me with only one. Imagine meeting 300 women with only one eyebrow… now you’ll understand why it’s just too soon to tell the entire story! Anyways, some of us were meeting for the first time, but you’d never have known that – we were instant compadres, and felt completely at ease with one another. I can’t wait to see them all again this summer! Each and every one of them has my admiration. These women are a talented, creative, savvy group and I’m excited to be sharing some of their ideas and projects with you!

Let me introduce them:

I met Amanda, along with her husband Corey, at Haven.. never a cuter couple did you ever meet! She blogs at Love and Renovations where she shares DIY projects, home decor ideas, and oodles of stories about her family and dogs and everyday life. Amanda has this incredible knack for finding the most fun decor ideas, many of which turn into my inspiration of the moment, such as her recent discovery of a gingham wall treatment. If I didn’t already think she is the cutest, I’d fall madly for their little family merely because they love the Melting Pot.. that automatically puts you in the category of fantastically cool in my book!

Amanda and Corey recently created this DIY Bar Cart – LOVE it, don’t you? Those stripes are fabulous!

She’s also convinced me to tackle our shared fear of creating candles with her DIY Candles and Concrete Candle holders.

Amy of My Life from Home and I also met at Haven and had some great chats – wine may have involved.  Amy is tall and as beautiful on the outside as the inside. She’s quick to laugh, has great taste in clothes and a talent for Farmhouse decorating, with a bit of a boho feel, while still managing to feel classic and elegant. If I could spend an hour raiding her closet, I’d be so there. Mind, you, I’m not a tall, gorgeous blonde, so it likely won’t do me any good! Amy is an avid collector and can really personalize her decor with her collections, and what’s more, she’s great at teaching the rest of us to do the same! Her home is has something new to take in at every turn, and I never leave her site without an idea or two. Or ten, but who’s counting? Amy recently shared her Winter Home Tour with us, and I’m about in love with the foyer. As a fellow lover of throw pillows that hello pillow makes my heart happy!

Her Farmhouse Glass Kitchen Sign is so adorable, and I can see this simple-to-make sign looking fabulous in many different home styles!

Meg of Green with Decor and I hit it off immediately. This girl is lovely, quick and witty, with just the perfect touch of sarcasm, and I loved getting to know her.. I’m so glad we’re friends! I’m sure it will surprise you to find out that Meg loves the color green. Kidding. But what you may not know is that she has GREAT budget decorating tips and ideas and killer decor style. She and her husband have done such a fantastic job renovating their fixer-upper – I swoon over her kitchen every time I see it, and her throw pillow collection is phenomenal. It’s possible when she isn’t looking that I may walk off with her fireplace screen. It’s as amazing as she is!  Meg shared her tips on The Best Way to Organize Coupons this month, which was perfect for helping me to reel in my spending after the holidays.

It’s Meg’s year as “Greenery” is Pantone’s color of the year! Meg also shared creative ways of Decorating with Greenery, Pantone’s color of the year.

My sweet, lovely friend Roxanne and I met at Haven and were instant pals, with so much in common! Roxanne is a talented designer who offers budget friendly decor tips. I love not only her bigger renovations and projects but also her creative ideas on smaller projects like centerpieces and wreaths. She has a cotton wreath that I just adore. Roxanne can make the ordinary extraordinary, and she is fantastic at mixing styles cohesively. She provides a series every Friday called “Five for Friday” that you’ll want to sign up for… It’s packed full of design tips!


Roxanne recently shared how she and her husband Installed Kitchen Cabinet Lighting. You won’t believe what a difference it makes to an already gorgeous kitchen!

And this DIY Mini Book Page Wreath is a perfect example of a perfect simplistic wreath from The Honeycomb Home.

Emily is this fun, incredibly intelligent, a gorgeous little thing with an infectious personality, a great sense of humor and giggle from Cincinnati, who blogs at Two Purple Couches – she’s one of my favorites. I love Emily’s style and her ultra-creativity. I’m more than a bit jealous of her amazing accessory collection, and I love that she really, truly is passionate about sharing knowledge! I love that I can ask her a question and get the most thorough answer in return. She blogs in very much the same way… You’ll never leave her site not knowing how to proceed on the myriad of projects in her arsenal, and I promise you’ll leave inspired! Be sure to check out her recent office makeover. You’ll be wanting to curl up in that book nook with a great page turner!

I love, love, LOVE these Mini Wood Slice Wine Charms and plan to add a set to the game room when I get a moment. So cute!


Emily’s Winter Home Tour has so many simple and elegant ideas for winter decor to help ease out of the holidays gracefully.


My dear friend April and I have been friends for years – literally years, our children went to pre-school together – and she is one of my most favorite friends. I depend on her to help me through this blogging journey – we are each other’s blogging soundboards. I adore her and her family and am waiting patiently for the day they see the light and return to Richmond. It could happen.. I mean, it probably won’t, but I’m still waiting! Over the years I’ve learned that April is not only hilarious, but she’s likely smarter and prettier than I and is also ridiculously talented, creative and innovative.  One day, she just up and made a table. And not just any table, but a fantastically gorgeous table. Since then, she’s made ANOTHER fantastically gorgeous table, built a bar with a barn door, created numerous other pieces of furniture and is making her way through one of the most fun homes I’ve ever seen – all of which she shares with you.

April shared how she created her WALK-IN, SEAMLESS ENTRY SHOWER WITH WOOD GRAIN TILE – isn’t it gorgeous?! I love how the wood grain tile is laid out vertically.

And also shared her Visit to the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile which looks like a whole lot of fun.

So, now you’ve met my friends, and I just know you’ll love them as much as I do! If you’d also like to be one of my friends, consider subscribing and be sure never to miss a post. You can also find me on Social Media!

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