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How to Make an Easy and Unique Tea Cup Succulent Planter

Posted in CRAFTS, CREATE WITH ME, Mothers Day
on April 4, 2017
This simple, inexpensive DIY succulent planter project will be loved by everyone from mothers to teachers!  Perfect for all of Spring’s gift-giving occasions.

Unique Moss Covered Teacup Planter Idea for Succulents

April is the start of that time of year – Yes, folks, it’s birthday season – the time of year where five of the seven in our immediate family, and more in our extended family, have birthdays within a three-month timeframe. This year, to up the ante, it’s my husband 40th birthday. No pressure there, right?!

The kid’s various hobbies and activities are all coming to a close, meaning, oodles of end of year parties and recitals. Add Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, Father’s Day, Memorial day, and you’ve got yourself a bona fide gift giving and activity frenzy. My calendar is FULL!

Thinking of all there is to do, the panic sets in – Suddenly, it’s as if I’m in a raft in the middle of the ocean. The merciless sun beats down, there is no wine water, and the sharks are circling, waiting for me to dip my big toe in so they can take a bite!

Need a quick and easy diy gift idea to keep you from swimming with the sharks

Of course, my hair wouldn’t look nearly that good if I truly was in the middle of the ocean, but you get the idea. Obviously, bowing out of some of these things would be easier on me but where is the fun in that? #inserteyerollhere


Instead, I look for simple but unique, inexpensive gift ideas that have me looking like a gift-giving super-star for teachers, thank you and Mother’s Day gifts. The added (free) printable gift tags (for Mothers, sisters, friends, teachers and one for everyone else) make this gift multi-purpose!

Free printable gift tags for Tea-riffic Succulent Pot


This succulent teacup planter made for the Create with Me DIY Challenge is what I (and you) need! All at once I see a life-raft come to save me – and there is room for you, too.  

The Create with Me DIY Challenge, hosted by Samantha of Little Bits of Home, depends on you, our readers, to vote on the materials we’ll use for next month’s projects. Scroll to the end of this post to cast your vote and to see the other fabulous projects for this month!

This month’s challenge: Create with succulents. Let’s get started.


DIY Moss Covered Succulent Teacup Planter

You will need:

A teacup and saucer
Glue gun
Moss sheets <affiliate link>
Faux Succulent stems <this one, too>
Floral Foam
Floral Pins <affiliate>
Olive green pipe cleaners
Printable (optional)


  1. Use the glue gun to cover the tea cup with moss strips. I used a teacup from my Spring Tea Party – use and re-use! Glue the pieces over the edge of the teacup rim.  I wound an olive green pipe cleaner around the handle to enlarge it a bit, then covered the pipe cleaner with moss.
  2. Glue the moss onto the saucer. Cut the moss into pie shapes and work your way around the saucer. Cover the entire surface.
  3. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit the inside of the cup and place it inside, with a dot of hot glue on the bottom.
  4. Add the succulents – and any other plants you’ve gathered to compliment. I added faux wildflowers. For the non-succulent stems, I used the floral pins to affix the plants. Put the tip of the pin through the hole of the stem and press it into the foam. I stuck the succulents in where they fit the best.

4 simple steps to a diy succulent teacup pot

And that’s it. Done. Easy Peasy.

Teacup Succulent Pot with wildflowers make a great gift for Teacher Appreciation and Mother's Day


To take your gift to the next level, add a ribbon and download a free set of gift tags – for your Mother, Sister, Friend, Teacher. Attach the tag to a straw or skewer and press the skewer into the foam. Yep. You’re a gift-giving superstar! 


Easy DIY Teacup Succulent Planter with free labels

Finally! With a few things crossed off my list, I’m more grounded – and feel less like I’m in the ocean! I wish the same for you – May you always have wine water on your raft, and may the sharks find another raft!

Here are more than a few other fun succulent ideas!

Now, we need YOUR help! Take the survey below and tell me what you want to Create with Me for May. Thanks so much!


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Be sure to check out the other projects using succulents for this month. My friends are crazy talented!

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How to make this vibrant unique Spring Wreath (from book pages!)

on March 7, 2017

Are you, like me, starting to think about Spring decor? For me,  spring decor always starts with inexpensively updating the front door with a shot of color in the form of something floral.

I have a wreath for nearly every season and emotion – I have a very cute Spring Wreath that I’ve put out for the past few years. However, I get bored so easily that I need to change things up every few years and I was ready for something different. I’ve been eyeing up the gorgeous spring wreaths that seem to be everywhere these days, although I can never bring myself to buy one. I always seem to have that internal conversation going on that says, “I could make that.” because in my head I can make anything. #IthinkImMcGyverbutneverMartha

So, for the March Create with Me DIY Challenge I decided to prove that fact – that I could make oneThis fun challenge is where you, our readers, vote on the materials we’ll use for next month’s projects, so be sure to scroll to the very last bit of this post to vote for your favorite and get a peek at what my friends came up with before you go. For past challenges, check out the Create with Me menu. This month’s challenge was to create something using book pages. How can wreaths and book pages coincide, you ask? Let me show you!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Book pages of your choice – I used the preview pages at the back of a few books so I wasn’t destroying anything good – but make sure your pages are no heavier than newspaper weight so they’ll bend easily
  • Flower pattern  – I used this one from
  • Watercolors or watered down acrylics
  • Aluminum foil
  • Florists wires
  • Green Twine or Florists tape
  • Twig Wreath form
  • Hot Glue and Glue gun
  • Clear spray paint

Print out and cut your flower pattern, then trace your pattern onto the book pages. I used my Cricut for this but it’s really and truly not necessary.. I’m just lazy. The pages are so thin you could easily cut multiple pages at one time. You’ll need two flowers and two leaves per flower.

Paint the leaf cut-outs – you’ll paint the flowers shortly. I used watercolors because I wanted the colors to be vibrant but still sheer enough that the text would be visible.

While the leaves dry, begin assembling your flowers following these instructions:

Step 1: Create the stem

Bend a hook in a 9″ piece of floral wire and cut a 2″x2″ square from the foil. Place a hot glue dot into the center of the foil and wrap the foil around the hook in the wire, creating a bulb on the end.

Step 2: Add petals

Gently curl the edges of two flower petals up, then putting a dab of glue along the bottom edge of the foil bulb, press the stem through the center of the smaller of the two flower petals, pushing up to adhere the petal to the bottom of the flower bulb.

Step 3: Shape flower

Attach the petals up and around the bulb, alternating petals as you go around, securing underneath with glue. Add larger petal in the same fashion, pressing the stem through the center and repeat attaching the petals.

Your flowers are now ready for painting. I painted my flowers with watercolor shades of orange, reds, pinks and yellows and stood them to dry in a cup before winding and gluing twine to cover the metal stem and attaching the leaves.

Lay your flowers out on your wreath form, bending to follow the curve of the twig branches and secure with glue. The flowers are so light that I did not wire them to the wreath, but you may wish to do this.

Give the entire wreath and flowers a light coat of clear to protect everything from the elements.

Hang and enjoy!

I love how vibrant the colors of the flowers are. The print showing through gives what could be an ordinary wreath so much uniqueness – I’m so excited by how it turned out and can’t wait to hang it on the door. It’s the perfect start to my spring decor!

Now, we need YOUR help! Take the survey below and tell me what you want to Create with Me for March!

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DIY Planter from Book pages via Making Joy and Pretty Things

Book Page Flowers via Two Purple Couches

Easy Book Page Art via Little Bits of Home

Paper Tulip Wreath via Knock it Off Kim

Easter Book Page Banner via My Life from Home

Book Page Easter Egg Wreath via Our Crafty Mom

No-Sew Fabric Rope Basket

on February 6, 2017

Hi, Friends! It’s the first Monday of the month, and you know what that means.. It’s time for the February Create with Me DIY Challenge! This fun challenge is where you, our readers, vote on the materials we’ll use for next month’s projects, so be sure to scroll to the very last bit of this post to vote for your favorite before you go.

This month’s challenge was to create something using fabric! I used this challenge to finish the last item on my to-do list for our newly updated Powder Room – improve on the trashcan – and I did so by using upcycled t-shirts and hot glue to create a fabric rope basket without sewing a stitch!
I’ve had a bit of a crush on the rope storage baskets that are everywhere these days, and I thought it would be fun to make-over my trashcan with a custom-made basket that it could slide inside of! It was so much easier to make than I expected.

*Affiliate links may have been used. Please see my full disclosure for more information.


To create a fabric rope trashcan cover yourself you’ll need the following:


  • Jersey fabric – I used the fabric from five medium men’s t-shirts in dark gray, navy, green and white
  • A glue gun
  • Sharp scissors able to cut fabric
  • A cylinder style trashcan

The first thing I did was to cut my t-shirts into 1″ wide strips, starting at the bottom of each shirt. If you cut along the bottom of the hem, you’ll end up with a jersey ring. Cut one end free, leaving a long string of t-shirt jersey.

Next, I braided the jersey strings into multiple braided ropes. I tied a knot at the top of three pieces of jersey, braided down, gluing the ends when the braiding was completed. Then, I untied the knot, finished braiding and secured that end with glue as well, leaving me with a braided piece of jersey rope. I repeated this task until all of my jersey strips were braided together. I was sure to mix strand colors to give me a mottled look I was after, as well as to braid like colored strands together.

To begin the basket, I twisted one of the braided ropes into a spiral, gluing every inch or so to secure. I continued adding strings to the spiral, gluing every inch or so,  until the spiral pad was the size of the bottom of the trash can.

When I’d reached the edges of the bottom of the trashcan, I began adding ropes up and around the sides of the trashcan, alternating color as I moved upward, gluing every inch or so.

Occasionally I would remove the trashcan from the basket to unstick any areas of the fabric that might have stuck. This was simple to do as the hot glue just peeled away from the plastic surface of the can, and the basket ropes were stretchy enough to replace the trash can afterward easily.

I decided to add a solid band of color around the top edge of the can and switched to solid colored strands about three-quarters of the way up, stopping when the basket reached just over the brink of the can.


Again, I pulled the can out of the basket to loosen any glue that may have seeped through and to ensure the ropes were all secure. And voila! A rope basket!

What I loved about this project was the simplicity and the multiple uses for it! I love the idea I could use the same procedure on a storage basket or any other kind of basket. And to make it even better,  I finished off my powder room to-do list.. which is now.. here.

Now, we need YOUR help! Take the survey below and tell me what you want to Create with Me for February!


Images via, Amazon, and Hobby Lobby.

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For even more fabulous projects made with fabric, check out the other participants for February! Everything is just adorable!


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