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Home Decor Wish List

on December 2, 2016

Happy Friday! Apparently, it’s the week of giving. You might remember earlier this week I gave you a sneak peek at the 13 Days of a Woodworker Christmas giveaway I’m participating in, and today, I’m back with another! I’m teaming up with 3 of my very favorite blogging friends to give away a collection of fun little home decor trinkets in our 2016 Blogger’s Bundle Giveaway!

Each of us has rounded up few of our favorite home decor goodies. If you are the winning entry, you’ll not only receive my bundle of goodies but all four packages! You’re welcome! Be sure you hop over to each of my friend’s blogs to get the skinny on what you’ll be winning! #wishicouldenter

Knock It Off Kim’s Christmas Bundle
This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.
My favorites perfectly reflect where my decorating style is right now. Completely eclectic, full of color and fun! 
Fun, no?! Let’s break it down. 
Flamingo Wine Stopper
I LOVE a little bit of unexpected fun, especially in an ultra-glamorous space. Somehow, not taking it all so seriously makes it even more glamorous for me. I also might love flamingos just a wee bit. I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding this little cutie to the game room bar
Vintage Style Dessert Plates

Nothing makes a table or dinner party like a lovely table scheme. I love holiday dinnerware, but it’s crazy expensive. Often, though, you can pick up holiday or just plain lovely dessert plates for cheap! These gorgeous plates come in a set of twelve, all with different patterns, and would be adorable for a tea party or spring get together. Can you tell I’m already dreaming of spring?  
Geometric Wall Planters

I’m swooning over pretty much anything geometric. These wall pockets are perfect for succulents and reasonably priced. One of my favorite things in decorating is to add trendy items such as this to my somewhat traditional furnishings. A bit of the eclectic keeps things fresh!
Leopard Print Throw Pillow Cover
Leopard print. Every living room needs some. Removable pillow covers are flexible, washable and excellent. ‘Nuff said. 

Want to see what my friends are giving away? 

My Life from Home

Blogger's Bundle Giveaway! 4 bloggers collect their favorite items to send to ONE winner!

The Honeycomb Home

Uncookie Cutter

Now on to the details! To enter, just go to the Rafflecopter giveaway below. You’ll have 14 chances to enter – enter as many or as few as you’d like!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! And, be sure to you’re also entering in my other giveaway this week as well! 

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Blogger's Bundle Giveaway! 4 bloggers collect their favorite items to send to ONE winner!

One Room Challenge Game Room Source List

on November 25, 2016

Hi! Wow – can I just tell you that we pretty much slept the ENTIRE weekend after our One Room Challenge Reveal? We haven’t stopped either! We went right from decorating to child-with-a-broken-ankle-requiring-surgery in one fell swoop. I’m taking just a minute to breathe and share a few more fun pics with you, as well as the promised source list for many of the fun items I added to the room! I’ve tried to include as many things as I could, but please, leave me a question in the comments if there is something I’ve missed or you’re curious about.


Couch|OttomanFaux mink Pillows|Ebony Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon Pillow Covers|Leopard Print Pillow Cover – Similiar| Gold Metallic Mirror Set |

This room was so much fun to design. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and let my love of color and bold mixed patterns take over. There was some risk involved, but when it all came together, it was worth all of the anxiety/excitement/blood/sweat/tears!

I learned SO much this time around! Although I supplied all of the designs during my first One Room Challenge – our Playroom/Dining Room multi-purpose room -, my hubby did much of the building work and I chipped in where I felt comfortable. This time around, however, in addition to the plans, I took on a lot of the building as well which was so fulfilling! I feel so much more confident in what I can do, and I am so proud of the room. I think I will be giddy evermore, every time I step foot over the threshold! 

Given my past experiences with removing wallpaper, I didn’t ever think I’d be putting it back on the walls, but when I started designing the room it seemed like just the visual punch the room needed to go from meh to wow. Because of the sloped ceilings, there is little space for wall art so, in many ways, the wallpaper acts as a continuous painting!


WallpaperCeiling Paint – BehrWall Color – Behr|

The high-gloss ceiling went along with the wallpaper – I thought it would be so fun to have a ceiling so glossy that you’d see your reflection in it when you were playing pool. You can’t imagine the response when I asked them to mix pure black paint for my ceiling! Applying high gloss overhead like that is a bit tricky, but the wow factor it provides makes it all worth it.


Gold Metallic Mirror Set | Peacock Panel ArtGold Foil Wishbone Framed Art| “Welcome to the Party” Sign – TJ Maxx

Because of the darkness of the ceiling and upper walls it made sense to stay with white on the lower parts of the wall but again, with a lack of space for wall art and the length of the room, I thought board and batten would give enough visual interest without being overpowering.The board and batten up the entire wall on the one end was a way to balance out the ends of the room and acts as a focal point when you are facing it. With the shelving on one end and the board and batten on the other, even though they are different, the room looks much more balanced and a whole lot less lengthy.


Bench Cushion Fabric|

Many things we already owned such as the pool table and all of the lighting, including the billiards light over the table. Other things we custom built specifically for the room.

We still have a house full of kids – the place will take a beating – so we were looking for good quality, versatile furniture, that was also economical.


Couch|OttomanFaux mink Pillows|Ebony Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon Pillow Covers|Leopard Print Pillow Cover – Similiar| Gold Metallic Mirror Set |

I spent countless hours looking for a sofa. I needed a couch that could double as a guest bed on occasion, as we don’t have a separate guest room. This sofa folds down flat to a full-size bed! It had to look good, feel comfortable and be economical. The green sofa we chose had all of that and more! I loved the color and style and also the price – ironically, it was the very first couch I picked but wasn’t sure it would fit in the tiny space – after taping it out, measuring it out both virtually and physically, lucky for me it did! Best. Choice. Ever.


Faux mink Pillows|Ebony Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon Pillow Covers|Leopard Print Pillow Cover – Similiar

The pillows – Good lord, the pillows! I wasn’t married to a design until about three weeks in – in other words, the day I fell hard for the

Ebony Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon Pillow Covers. Once I found those, with all of their glamor and color, it all just fell into place. I was lucky enough to be able to get the covers on a rush order!

Dalmation with Bird Hat Canvas|


We have an extensive DVD and Blueray collection that needed to find a home in the room which is where the idea for the shelving came in. The letters on the shelves are used to sort the movie titles alphabetically and denote where a letter range begins. Arranging the movies in different ways gives them the illusion of books, in a way that is easy for us to peruse our collection. It just goes to show you can decorate with just about anything!
The artwork in this room was tricky. I had a small area available against one of the sloped walls – perfect for a gallery wall – and that was pretty much about it! Using the front of the shelving for a pair of DIY paintings left us with the storage we needed but allowed us to steal a bit of wall space as well. Other small canvas’, no larger than 8″x10″, add pops of color and give substance to the small accents littered on each shelf.


Bench Cushion Fabric|

The length of storage bench along the back wall is perfect for extra seating and a great place to curl up. Our window seat cushions were another DIY, made from folded twin size mattress pad foam.

Our little snack bar area is one of my favorite parts of the room.


We thought of going in a few different directions with the doors, including a barn door, bi-fold doors with glass inserts, then plexiglass inserts – my kids may at times turn pool into a contact sport.. ahem – but ultimately decided to go with mesh panel. I’m so glad! It’s classic and ties in perfectly with the room.

We’ll be adding a small microwave above the wine fridge soon!

We’ve had quite a lot of barware hanging around that we’ve had nowhere to put and I’m excited that everything now has a permanent home.

DIY Monogrammed Wine Glasses

Point blank, I’m in love with this room. Our family enjoyed our first movie night last weekend, and I feel like a sleepover might be in order this weekend. I can’t wait!

Thank you so much to Linda of Calling It Home for hosting the One Room Challenge and opening it for us all to participate – I’ve loved every minute of the two challenges I’ve taken on and I can’t wait to do it all again!

If you’re looking for more One Room Challenge inspiration, be sure to visit both the 20 One Room Challenge participants, as well as the other 200+ linking members that include those I shared with you yesterday. You can take a look at some of my favorites here.

Special thanks to Wagner Tools for their generous support of this project and to Wallpaper Boulevard for their contributions!


 Want to start from the beginning?
Want to see my other One Room Challenge rooms?

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ORC Rooms Overload!

on November 16, 2016
Last week was the big reveal of our new game room, completed through the One Room Challenge, and I can’t thank you all enough for the support and love! I’ll be sharing a source list for all of my great finds tomorrow – be sure to drop by. 
There were over 200 linking participants in this last round of the One Room Challenge – that means 200 people made over a room within the six weeks.. talk about inspiration overload! A group of friends and I thought it might be fun to show you a few of the other participants finished rooms. I’ve organized them into room type. From bedrooms to shed make-overs (how cool is that?!) they all have one thing in common – they are all fantastic! 

I love looking at room makeovers - it always gives me ideas that I can use in my own home. These 15 rooms are pretty amazing!

There were some amazing bedrooms, everything from kids rooms to guest rooms. 
 Amanda from A Crafted Passion put together a Toddler Chic Bedroom complete with a crystal chandelier containing 96 crystal strands and the sweetest giraffe growth chart project I’ve ever seen! 
My friend Amy from My Life from Home created a Modern Teen Hangout  for her daughter. The lucky girl! I want to live in that room! I love the curtained off desk area and the touches of gold throughout. 

 Sarah from Making Joy and Pretty Things now has this Modern and Colorful Shared Boys Bedroom in her home! She really had me at the gorgeous exposed brick fireplace complete with cement tile and the chalkboard front dresser. I’m easy like that.  

 The lovely Jenny of Refresh Living, who by the way, was the brainchild of this sharing idea (thanks, Jenny!),  put together an Eclectic Vintage Girls’ Shared Bedroom with a fantastic loft bed and reading area. 

It is possible to create shared kids' bedrooms even in small homes and small rooms! Lofting the bed is such a great way to save space, and it looks amazing too!

Linda from The Home I Create created a Glam & Colorful Master Bedroom, with this OMG-to-die-for rug! It’s light and airy and truly perfect!

Bon Bon from Farmhouse 40 put together a calming and peaceful Farmhouse Master Bedroom with a beautiful barn door and serene sitting area. 

 And, Jenny from Paint Yourself a Smile (who I’m a huge fan of!) knocked it out of the park with this Pop Art Teen Bedroom. The comic book walls are AMAZING! Too many elements to even list here.  
If you’re looking for bathroom ideas, you’re at the right place! 
 – My real-life friend April from Uncookie Cutter pulled off an amazing transformation in her Modern Spa Bathroom. The tile is swoon-worthy and her DIY vanity with cement counter top is just as much! 

Robin from A Home to Grow Old In made-over her so-so powder room into a fabulous Farmhouse Powder Room. By far my favorite project in this room is her faux cement tile floors! PS. She’s also a lovely person and has the most gorgeous home you’ll ever see!  
Nicki from Sweet Parrish Place created this Polished Casual Kids Guest Bathroom. I love, love, love her faux stone accent wall!  

Joy from The Aspiring Home put together an Eclectic Powder Room. It’s dramatic and Good Lord look at that tile!   

This round of the One Room Challenge also produced a plethora of gorgeous multi-purpose spaces
The lovely Jennifer and Vicki at 2 Bees in a Pod pulled off a She Shed Makeover! Think Man-cave for women. Amazing! It’s now on my bucket list to be invited over. 

 Brittany of By Brittany Goldwyn created a Modern Multi-Use Space. I loved the DIY art and of course, the black statement wall! 

 Collette from Restyle it Wright created this beyond Glam Formal Living Room. I could go on and on with my favorite things from this room – I love Collette’s style – but if I had to narrow it down to one or two things, the rug she chose is probably one of my favorite things ever and I just love how she mixes pattern and color.
Maria from Simple Nature Decor created a multi-purpose Botanical Inspired Laundry/Office Space. If you follow me at all you know that I LOVE a multi-use space and this one is definitely on the top of my list! As always, Maria expertly mixes natural elements and neutral colors in just exactly the right way. 
Of course, there literally hundreds of other amazing room makeovers, completed in only 6 weeks, completed as part of the One Room Challenge at Calling it Home that you can check out.. grab a coffee, or a glass of wine.. or maybe both.. and get to oogling! 

For other One Room Challenge Fun, check these out! 
Multi-purpose Playroom/Dining Room

Eclectic Game Room

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