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How to Plan a Quick and Inexpensive Foyer Makeover – Spring One Room Challenge Week 1

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on April 9, 2017

I’m super excited to let you in on my next big project. I’m doing an inexpensive foyer makeover for the One Room Challenge in six (actually five) short weeks (gasp)! 

Me and 200+ other bloggers will be making over one room, from top to bottom, in just six weeks. Although it isn’t a contest, it is a challenge – The One Room Challenge to be exact! How fun is that!?   My third One Room Challenge, this one is a little different than the others. I’m doing this one sponsor free – I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to go for it this time around – which means my budget is a bigger concern. Get ready for several budget friendly tutorials  – crafts, DIY furniture builds and decorating… I can’t wait to show you what I’ve come up with!

The room I’ll be making over is my foyer. I often find one of the hardest things about making over a room is knowing where to start and then actually starting! If you’re the same, here are some things that I do to get my butt in gear and make it happen.


My first step in figuring out what needs to work on is always to determine why I want to make a change. In the case of my foyer, the main reasons for the change are:

  • It seems incomplete
  • It doesn’t compliment and flow into the partner rooms
  • It’s not cohesive in design
  • It has carpeted stairs – I hate carpet on the stairs!

This room is flanked by four – yes, four – other rooms,  all that have received more of our love and attention.

The office and living room are both ongoing projects that are slowing evolving to the look and feel we’re striving for. The powder room was updated recently, and the Dining room/playroom was my first One Room Challenge. Every room has elements of my favorite decorating style – a mostly neutral palette with a mostly traditional vibe, but with a side of the eclectic and whimsy. Don’t forget the mandatory splashes of bold color and pattern! This is sadly lacking in the foyer so, the hope is that our changes will finish off some of the work that we’ve started here in the past and ensure that the first impression our guests have our home is pleasant and cohesive.


What do you want to change? We’re talking blue sky here – in your wildest dreams, if there were no obstacles and anything was possible, what would you wish your space to look like? Keep in mind the style of your home but don’t let that limit your choices. Create a mood board – I use Olioboard, which is free, to store all of the things that I love or wish I could have. Then, I take those ideas and modify them to fit my budget.

That’s what I’ve been doing, and I’ve found some excellent sources from other bloggers and decorating sites!

A Beautiful Mess

Oceanic Pendant Light // Anthropologie

Design by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau

First River Station Antique Gold Glass Pendant // Bellacor

Brittany Makes

Brewster Wallcovering



Belodemas Architects



Take stock of what you like or don’t like in your room. Sometimes, just moving furniture around can yield tremendous results. None of the rooms in my home are mammoth. Therefore, placement is a huge consideration. I use to figure out the best use of limited space. It’s easy to use, and it’s free. If nothing in the room works for you, consider making over key pieces. It’ll not only save you cash, but you’ll end up with a custom made piece!

Things I like in my foyer: 

  1. The paint color
  2. The board and batten
  3. The crown molding

It’s not a lot, but it’s a start!

4.  DO SET A BUDGET {and stick to it}

Figure out how much you can truly afford and be sure to add in a contingency fund – this goes for a small decor update all the way to a major renovation because no matter what you think you’ll spend, you’ll likely spend more. Case in point: The Target Dollar Aisle.  Our budget for this project will be $200. 


There comes a time in every dream where you must take action. One of the things I love about the One Room Challenge is that it holds me accountable and I have to stay moving to get it all done. It’s a bit crazy when it’s going on, but I’m always so happy when it’s finished that I pushed through and have one more space in my home to love. Although you may not be participating in the One Room Challenge, setting your own deadlines will keep things going and make it that much sooner you’ll end with a space that you love!

I’ll elaborate next week, but here is a quick look at my plan!


  1. Remove the carpet from the stairs and give the staircase new life.
  2. Replace the light fixture
  3. Change the space to allow for both a bench and a console table
  4. Add dimension and interest to the ceiling
  5. Paint the front door a bold color
  6. Add a new rug and accents more fitting to our style – plants are a must!
  7. Find space for a pet station



I’m excited to get started! It’s time to take this project from dream to action. I hope you’ll follow along.. if you’d like to, consider following me on Social Media or subscribing to make sure you don’t miss anything!

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New here? Get the full scoop on my Foyer Makeover!

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$100 Room Challenge – Powder Room Reveal

on January 26, 2017
So, are you ready for the $100 Room Challenge big reveal of my now much prettier powder room? 

I’m going to keep you in suspense just a minute longer. First, let’s do a quick recap in case you’re just popping in for the first time, and aren’t sure what the $100 Room Challenge is. 

Erin of Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry put together this fun, and fabulous event brings together some of my favorite bloggers, each making over a room with just $100 budget in four short weeks. For more information on the $100 Room Challenge, check out my post from week 1, or check here where Erin spells it out clearly.

I chose to make-over my overly-neglected powder room. It was dark, dreary and very unfinished – not ideal for what is probably the hardest working room in the house! 

Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3 // Week 4

The first week I shared my inspiration board which included a lot of bold navy and green pattern with strong accents, and I was feeling pretty good about my choices, but it was the execution that made me second guess myself. Week 2 I talked about my inability to trust my bold instincts and left off with me stenciling a bold navy pattern. Week 3 I shared a new direction, which in reality means I was actually just getting started on this challenge.. and this week. Well, I know why you’re really here, so let’s get to it! Grab a coffee – or a glass of wine, because it’s always five o’clock somewhere, and I’ll bring on the obscene amount of pictures! Make sure to scroll to the bottom for my budget breakdown and to see the other oodles of beautiful room make-overs from my blogging pals! 

We added shelving above the commode.  We made the shelves using 1″x 6″ pine leftover from the built-ins we made for the last One Room Challenge. To beef them up, we stacked two boards on top of one another and added a lattice strip trim to hide the seam. Ironically, I had purchased brackets for this room a million moons ago but had never gotten around to hanging the actual shelves.  The shelves hold decorative objects as well as closed storage for odds and ends, in what was once a blank space.
Vase | 
Love Print – Similar
Hexagon Print | Cactus Print | Girl on a Rock Print | Llama Print| Watercolor Print | Palm Tree Print 
I struggled with the idea of artwork. I wanted something that would have a presence, a bit of color, but would not overwhelm or underwhelm the bold pattern of the walls. I couldn’t find any one single thing, so I created a gallery of images all found on Etsy and added a simple frame. The images were printed onto printable vinyl and applied to a 10″x10″ canvas
Hexagon Print | | Llama Print|
 Girl on a Rock Print Palm Tree Print 

Hexagon Print | Cactus Print | Girl on a Rock Print Llama PrintWatercolor Print | Palm Tree Print 

We added a brushed nickel towel bar on the wall adjacent to the sink.
 The towels were on clearance – lucky me! 
Of course, the biggest change was the addition of the Caitlyn Wilson Wallpaper hack that was made by loosely stenciling a similar pattern with paint. The room desperately needed some oomph and this more than supplied that in spades.  
It wasn’t in the budget to change the light fixture, so instead, we changed out the globe shades. This is a relatively inexpensive upgrade that makes a tremendous difference, not only to the look of the fixture, but also the amount of light it gives off. This room really needs a 3-bulb fixture, but the white shades do help quite a bit in the interim until it’s in the budget to replace it.  
I very much wanted a gilded mirror in this room but replacing the mirror would have cost a fortune. Instead, the one we had received a silver-leafing and stencil update, making it affordable and fun! 
The vanity received a new finish in week two with a bold navy blue with the slightest of sheen. New cabinet pulls had the existing vanity looking brand new.  
Under the sink also got a little TLC. Gone is the disorganization! At some point, I’ll get to making it a bit prettier, but for now, it’s much more functional. 

Using the doors for toothbrush and hair paraphernalia increased the available storage substantially, and helps to keep things out of the sight of guests.  


Last, after much deliberation on what to do with the rug, I decided on keeping it exactly how it is. The pattern on the rug compliments the similar pattern on the mirror.

Here was my to-do list – can I just tell you how excited I am that I completed nearly everything!? 

  • Add some bold pattern to the walls 
  • Find a better solution for toothbrushes and hand towels
  • Organize
  • Change the artwork
  • Replace the trash can, toothbrush holder, and towel bar.
  • Create storage for hair products  
  • Consider replacing the rug
  • Update the lighting
I’m considering this project a BIG win if all I’m left with is replacing the trash can! 


Let’s talk budget. 

First, can I just say that staying within a $100 was challenging, but it’s definitely do-able. Lucky for me I’m a hoarder, and tend to over-buy supplies which meant much of what I used I had on hand from other projects. Still, I did go a tiny bit over. But, I’m fine with it. 🙂 


Let’s look back just one more time – 







And with that said, Knock it Off Kim, OUT! At least for now. But, before you go, check out the other reveals.. and get more wine! 
Want to see where we started? You can check here! 

Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3 // Week 4

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$100 Room Challenge: Week 3 – Winning the War with a Powder Room Make-over

on January 19, 2017
Hi, friends! It’s week 3 of the $100 Room Challenge, and I’m behind!

If you’re just popping in for the first time, and aren’t sure what the $100 Room Challenge may be, let me give you a quick recap. 

Some of my favorite bloggers and I are each making over a room with a $100 budget in just four short weeks! Many thanks to Erin of Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry for putting together such a fun event! For more information on the $100 Room Challenge, check out my post from week 1
If you’re looking for the full story on what exactly a $100 Room Challenge is, Erin spells it out clearly, but I’ll give you the paraphrased version. Pick a room. Make the room over in one month. Spend no more than $100. 

I’ve chosen to make-over my, more than neglected, powder room. The first week I shared my inspiration board which included a lot of bold navy and green pattern with strong accents, and I was feeling pretty good about my choices. Last week, I talked about my inability to trust my bold instincts, taking the safe way out and eventually making my way back to bold, which left off with me stenciling a bold navy pattern. 

Here’s the thing. I didn’t really like the pattern. I kept walking into the bathroom to work on it, and I’d just keep making that same meh sound. I knew if I continued I’d eventually end up hating it so I just kind of sat on it. And surfed the web looking for inspiration. And then looked for some more. And then, one night, I came across this loveliness from Caitlin Wilson:  

Source – Caitlin Wilson Navy Spotted Wallpaper

Then found this yummy use of the wallpaper by The Decor Detective in which she paired it with pinks, lots of gold and a navy vanity. 

All of that together had me saying OH-M-GEE instead of meh. Sold. It’s everything that I love. For me, the pattern is sophisticated, whimsical and fun, and a bit eclectic – both classic and modern. 

So, then I went in this direction and all of a sudden, I was really and truly excited rather than trying to get myself excited! 

The wallpaper itself was a bit pricey for this challenge, but it was a pattern I could easily mimic. 

I created a stencil for the walls, using an Exacto (sp?) knife to mark holes in the paper over the large splotches and marked them on the wall with a Crayola washable blue marker. 

Then I went over the splotches with the same “Compass Blue” used on the vanity using a 1″ brush, following up with a small paint brush to smooth things over and to add dots in a random pattern. Yes, that is my son’s paintbrush. It’s perfect for the job – no judging! 

As you can see I’m only half done.  

Once I changed the pattern I also needed a new mirror. Since a new mirror wasn’t in the budget, my existing mirror also got a make-over with a faux silver-leafing using aluminum foil. I’ll be sharing that fun project on Monday! 

The vanity received a quick paint job using my new favorite paint, Behr Marquee, in “Compass Blue” eggshell finish (one coat, y’all!). New ultra sleek and modern pulls and a quick spray paint of the hinges with Rustoleum Silver in a hammer finish completed the update. 

I still have a TON to do but I’m feeling good about how it’s looking so far and I’m confident that I’ll finish on time! 
I still need to do the following:
  • Create shelving above the toilet
  • Finish painting and add chair rail trim
  • Makeover the rug
  • Decide on lighting
  • Deal with a towel bar of some sort
  • Organize the disaster under the sink
  • Artwork. That period is there for a reason. 
So.. maybe I’m not feeling so confident after all. Eek! Lucky for me I am a craft and building supply hoarder so even if I’m not confident about getting it all done I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to stay in budget. I hope. 
Want to see where we started? You can check here! 
Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3 // Week 4

My current budget: 
Week 1: $0
Week 2: Stencil:  $12
Week 3: Behr Marquee Paint Sample $4
              Door Pulls $12

Total remaining:  $72   

Make sure to stop by next week for the BIG REVEAL! Wish me luck, and be sure to check out the progress of my friends and their make-overs! 

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