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A Dining Room/Playroom – the Plan : One Room Challenge Week #1

on April 7, 2016

Hi Cuties! I hope you had a chance to stop by yesterday to ogle all the yumminess at You Link It, We Make It. The pineapple bars I made this week were so good that I may or may not have had to send them out with my husband before I ate the whole batch, and my co-host April made this amazing beer battered fish that I can’t wait to try out myself!  

But today is another day. A day that I’m beyond excited about! Today is the first day of the latest round of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home!  

What is the One Room Challenge and why is that so exciting you ask? The One Room Challenge – or ORC as it’s affectionately known – is an online event that brings together 20 bloggers with a love of design, and challenges them to transform a room from start to finish, while documenting the process along the way. All in six weeks. Yes. That’s right. Six. Weeks. 

I’m so excited about this because I’m participating for the first time as a linking participant! I’m thinking I’m a little crazy to take this on, and sure I’ve bit off way more than I can nibble on – for example, it took about five times longer for me NOT to complete our master bedroom – but I’m also exhilarated by the thought of all of that crazy! Anyone who knows me knows I thrive on that kind of pressure!  If you’re new here, follow along by subscribing! You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter, along with many other social media platforms that I always forget I have. 

Although I had a few rooms to choose from, the one that will be getting all of our love is our dining room. Our current dining room, although considered a formal dining room, is not exactly acting as a dining room. It’s acting as a playroom, albeit not a great one. Not to mention, a make-over is seriously in order! Stat! 

What it sometimes looks like

What it mostly looks like

My plan is to design a multi-purpose space that can function as a dining room when needed, but will primarily work as a playroom.  

Dining Room Layout
Playroom Layout

I’ll do this by using versatile furniture, sophisticated enough for a dining room, yet durable and casual enough for a playroom.  When the time comes that we no longer need a playroom – although I’ll believe that when it happens! –  we can quickly switch to a full-time dining room layout. 

Idea board – built-ins | lighting | table chair bench | pouf | storage cart | toy storage

I’ve been very busy gathering inspiration from many sources all around the web and have come up with some great ideas. There are elements in each that I find appealing, and many of those elements will end up in my completed room. 

Thrifty Decor Chick
Delightfully Noted
Delightfully Noted
Design Manifest 
Rooms Interior Design

I hope you’ll stop by next Thursday to cheer me on – or heckle me! That works too. Just be kind. You know, kindly heckle – and I’ll have a full list of all I hope to accomplish in this room, PLUS a progress report! I’m as nervous as I am excited about pulling it off! Eeek!! Here we go! 

Have a great Thursday! 

Secret Santa Thrift Flip

on January 29, 2016

Hey, There! Yes. You read that title right. I did say Secret Santa. In January.
If you’ve been to these parts before, you may remember around Christmas when I was asked by the lovely Sara of ShabbyGraceBlog to participate

along with a group of some of my most favorite and admired bloggers, in a Secret Santa gift exchange

My Secret Santa, Amy, from My Life from Home, sent me the most adorable Christmas tray, salt and pepper shakers, and various other Christmas fun – I was SO excited to open that box, and it was a ton of fun sharing my gifts with you!

But what you didn’t see that ALSO came in that box was the surprise thrift item, full of upcycling potential, that was included in our packages for all of us girls to show to you later! Later is now, and this was my thrift flip – cute!  

I’ve had so much fun putting my personal spin on what was already a sweet little piece. Here it is now – I like to call it “An upcycled hanging bud vase”! 
To get this look, I started by disassembling the shelf and removing the apron from the bottom. It was very easy.. no glue involved at all, I just simply removed four screws, popped the panes off the back, and it was in pieces.
Next, using a hole saw (a bit used to drill doorknob holes) and my drill, I created a large hole in the center of the shelf. 
After a quick coat of white chalkboard paint, that I forgot to take pictures of, ample drying time, followed by a light sanding on the edges to lend just a touch of shabby chic, I reassembled the shelf using the original four screws and added anchor hooks to the middle of the window pane edge.
After taping off the ends to prevent fraying, I then threaded jute twine through the anchor hook and then through the hole originally intended for the heart skirt I removed, tying off in a large knot on the underside of the shelf. 
Next, I prepared the vase. The vase was a simple dollar store bud vase. I attached a doubled-row of hemp twine around the middle to act as both an accent, as well as a stopper preventing the bud vase from falling through the hole. 
The rest was as simple as placing the bud vase in the hole and hanging the shelf, and adding fresh daisies! 
Can I just say I hope I’m invited to participate in the Secret Santa/Thrift Flip again next year?! I mean how fun is it to have just a little bit more Christmas cheer in January? 
For more Thrift Flip fun, please be sure to stop by and visit all of my Secret Santa friends! I’m excited to see what they all came up with, too! 
Thanks so much for stopping by – Let’s talk soon! 

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