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Fall Braided-Rope and Burlap Wreath

on September 28, 2016

Hey, everyone! So it seems I have my hat on backward – can’t seem to get my calendar right! Ever had one of those weeks? Anyhow, I’m here today with a group of my favorite bloggers for the September Create and Share Challenge. The material we are working with this month is rope! Thank you to Stephanie of Casa Watkins and Cat of Pocketful of Posies for sponsoring this challenge every month! 

Everyone who knows me, or has visited my blog, knows love a good wreath. I I love to make them for every season, and have selections for Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter and many others in my arsenal! Still, I do like to change them up – I call it wreath fickleness – and so I’m always looking for new ideas and looks. 

Rope is an inexpensive and versatile medium for so many different crafts and decorating ideas as you’ll see both here and from my fellow challengers below. Using a foam wreath form, I created my wreath by first braiding three strands of cotton rope and then wrapping the braids around the form using hot glue to secure it.

For further accent, I created twine “lace” by looping and gluing in a line. I love the little bit of bling from the gold filament running through the twine.

To give a clean edge, I braided a jute and twine trim and glued it around the lace rope. 

To finish it off I added a burlap ribbon bow and a flower created from hemp rope, accented with a wooden button and upholstery tacks.

I love that this wreath can be used for multiple seasons and both inside and out of my home, giving it tremendous versatility.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog and look at my project. I hope you’ll come by again! For now, please be sure to visit the other rope projects for the month and be ready to ooh and ah! 

14 Fun and Fany DIY Rope Projects

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If you’re looking for other wreaths from me, check these out! 

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Don’t forget it! Pin it! 

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A Rustic Succulent Wreath – Curb Appeal Blog Hop 2016

on June 1, 2016

Welcome back to week #2 of the Curb Appeal Blog Hop 2016!

In case you’re new around here, or just haven’t visited in awhile, I’ll give you a quick recap. I’m participating in a 4-week mini challenge to transform the front porch of my home, together with the lovely Deb at Seeking Lavender Lane and a group of fun and talented bloggers! You can catch up on their work at the bottom of this post! 

Last week we went over the plan and talked about what I hoped to finish in the next few weeks.  

So, how did we do? Well, I think we are off to a good start! I’m super excited to be crossing an item off of my list – creating a wreath! 

I love the idea of a living wreath but with a bit of a black thumb and a lack of time to maintain something like that, a living wreath didn’t seem like a great solution. I’m pretty sure a dead living wreath is the opposite of cool. 

I came across an easy to follow tutorial for a large, simple, rustic wreath from Artzy Creations that used a wine barrel ring and faux succulents. It was gorgeous.. I loved the original! It was just perfect for my front porch and gave me the look of a living wreath without the hassle to maintain it and was large enough to make a big impact, despite how simple it is. The only problem was.. I didn’t have a wine barrel ring and I didn’t have time to order one! So, I went in a bit of a different direction.  

Since I already had out the spray paint, I decided to make my own ring using a hula hoop and metallic paint in charcoal grey, brown and copper. I used the copper to lighting spray areas to look similar to rust spots.

I was lucky enough to find a hoola hoop with a flat edge – Walmart, 2.99 – and although the kids said it wasn’t great for hoola hooping, it was perfect for me!  

I picked up some succulent picks and greenery stems at Joann’s – tip: buy your succulent picks at Target in a ready made arrangement, remove the picks and keep the container. It will cost you less to do this than to buy individual succulent stems! 

Starting in the middle, I attached the largest, single succulents of the bunch using floral wire. I wrapped the wire around the stem then around the hoop. 

I continued working outward up the sides, adding succulents and other greener, keeping it balanced on both sides, using floral wire and hot glue where necessary to secure the succulents.

When I was happy with the placement, I hung the wreath and continued arranging and touching up any spots before adding a burlap bow to the top.

I’m really happy with how it turned out and love how it fills the space while still keeping it simple!

In other news, we’ve finished painting the shutters and installed half of them. The rain wasn’t really cooperating for this job and I’m pretty sure our neighbors think we are nuts – apparently climbing ladders and installing shutters is frowned upon in the rain? 

Evanston 17" High Bronze Mesh Outdoor Wall Light


        Evanston 17″ High Bronze Mesh Outdoor Wall Light @ LampsPlus

We’ve selected our new lights and are so excited that Lamps Plus has decided to sponsor this challenge! They had a great selection to choose from and we found something that was not only different from what we originally had but that we really love! 

The chairs have been stripped and painted and are waiting to be re-strung. 

At Home has also signed on as a sponsor for this challenge, and I’ve been doing a bit of shopping there as well! I completely crushing on this garden stool.

Metallic Gold Brown Ceramic Garden Stool @ At Home

And these cute chair cushions would be perfect for my finished chairs!

Westphalia Coal Curved Back Seat Cushion @ At Home


All in all, not a bad start for the first week! One thing checked off the list at least!

Paint the shutters and the door
Add thicker molding to doorframe
String chairs
Paint garden stool
Create wreathInstall lighting
Add and plant planter boxes
Create house number plaque

Now be sure to stop by and check out some of the Curb Appeal participants. There is inspiration and curb appeal eye candy galore!

Simple Nature Decor Blog | Seeking Lavender Lane | The Deans List | Mom Home Guide | Curly Crafty Mom | My Life From Home | Lehman Lane | Knock it Off Kim | Paint Yourself A Smile | A Designer at Home | Our House Now a Home

Thank you to our sponsors!!


Pin for later: A Rustic Succulent Wreath

Rustic Mossy Bunny Wreath

on March 18, 2016


I don’t know what I have about Spring Wreaths. Maybe it starts with the winter being over and needing something fresh and new. I’m desperate for beautiful, and that begins at home. However it starts, it was time for a new Spring wreath, just perfect for Easter!

Rustic Mossy Bunny Wreath

You may have seen examples of this guy hanging (see what I did there..) around your town. I love the rustic simplicity and country look in a wreath.

This one was a snap to put together, and the supplies readily found at your local craft store.


Begin by attaching your small wreath, I used an 8″ and a 12″ wreath,  to your larger wreath using floral wire. Mine was 20 gauge. Because mine were stemmed it was easy to thread it through the grape vines, creating a head and a body.



Next, attach the ears at the top and on each side of the small wreath by winding the wire through the grapevine. Excuse the shadow-puppet show – it was towards the end of the day. And no, that is not a horse tail.



For my next step, I added the ribbon around the neck.  I could’ve added later on in the process I had a limited amount of flowers, and I wanted to make sure that they would be spaced correctly once the ribbon was on – the ribbon was important for that reason. Use your discretion for your project.


To add the ribbon, I just cut a piece of ribbon about twice the diameter of the neck, then folded this piece in half, and glued it in place on the front side of the wreath using hot glue. To attach the ends and cover the wires, be sure to overlap one and over the other.


To add the moss to each ear, apply a small amount of glue and an equally small amount of moss at a time, working your way around each ear.


Continue to add moss around the entire body in small sections. It isn’t necessary to cover the entire wreath as it looks quite pretty to have the grapevine showing through the moss.



Apply flowers using hot glue. I like to place them first and then go back and glue them afterward.



To complete attached the bow portion of the ribbon using hot glue.


Now for the best part.. hang it and enjoy your Easter!




For more Easter/Spring ideas go here. For a look at all of my wreaths go here.

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